Contact registration made easy

Whether analog or digital – snapADDY DataQuality offers numerous options to capture existing or new contacts. For all of them: The effort for you as a user has been reduced to a minimum. No more manual typing!

Contact acquisition using artificial intelligence

You have a new lead or want to update an existing business contact? With the help of artificial intelligence, snapADDY DataQuality extracts relevant information such as name, position and phone number from various sources within milliseconds regardless of formatting. You save a time-consuming, manual capture, which eliminates typing errors and number twisting. Instead, you receive a valid result in real time.

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Automated update via e-mail signatures

E-mails are the most frequently used communication medium in the business context. Nothing is therefore more obvious than updating customer data directly from the signatures of the senders. snapADDY DataQuality takes over this part for you. The contact information of a signature is automatically cached and synchronized with your CRM system in real time. You decide with just one click whether the contact should be newly created or updated.

Capture and enrich contact data in the CRM interface

With the Smart Autocomplete feature, you can create new leads, contacts, and accounts directly in the Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP Sales Cloud interfaces. When entering contact data, you will automatically get suggestions for information obtained from business social networks, company websites, or email signatures. The integrated email validator performs a search for the most compatible email address. Capturing and enriching contact data in your CRM interface has never been easier!

Master data acquisition with just one click

The imprint obligation makes it possible: On every commercial website almost all relevant master data of a company are published. When a website is visited, the imprint crawler automatically reads the imprint with just one click in a fraction of a second and assigns the captured data to the correct fields using artificial intelligence. There is no faster and easier way to collect company data.

From the contact form directly into your Sales Funnel

You can also feed inbound leads obtained via online forms directly into your sales pipeline. Our interface connects forms of your website with snapADDY DataQuality, where you can check and prepare the received information. The uncomplicated and fast transfer of the new data set into your CRM system guarantees you professional sales work.

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Business card scanner included

The snapADDY CardScanner is an integral part of our DataQuality and therefore your interface to the analog working world. With the help of our mobile app you can take pictures of your received business cards anytime and comfortably. The data recognized by artificial intelligence can be imported into snapADDY DataQuality or directly into your CRM system for further processing.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

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