Cleanse, supplement, update, prepare and extract B2B contact data with the snapADDY Data Cleansing Service

Data Cleansing Service

Data Cleansing with snapADDY: Where manual processes of data maintenance reach their limits or have become excessive, the Data Cleansing Service comes into play. We help you on a project basis with the automated updating, enrichment and preparation of large amounts of data for your CRM system.

Cleansing and completion of contact data

Is there already data chaos in your CRM system? We complete and update your data records and increase the data quality in your CRM.

Automatic duplicate check

With our duplicate check, we cleanse your master data: Using AI, we recognize semantic similarities or commonalities between data records and automatically merge them.

Automated creation of
master data

Email boxes or Excel files often hide true data treasures! With our extraction and standardized preparation for import into your CRM system, we guarantee that you will not lose any potential and will also save valuable time.

Why should you use the Data Cleansing Service?

The more you know about your customers, the more targeted and efficient your sales and marketing efforts. However, you can only achieve this if you have high quality B2B customer data and reality shows that this is rarely the case.

Every outdated, incorrect or incomplete data record is de facto a waste of time, effort, resources and budget. The snapADDY Data Cleansing Service overcomes this growing mountain of inefficiency. Our data scientists take care of your problem cases on a project-by-project basis, applying their know-how and our intelligent technologies in a targeted manner to leave a lasting increase in the quality of the data in your CRM system.

  • 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% is outdated without maintenance within a year

    — Salesforce
  • At least 50% of the leads addressed by sellers are actually not potential customers

    — Marc Wayshak
  • Salespeople spend on average only 35% of their working time on sales

    — Forbes

Which results could snapADDY achieve with Data Cleansing?

One of Europe's leading electronics wholesalers

Our project with snapADDY was a great success and our expectations were exceeded. The cooperation with snapADDY's data scientists was efficient, professional and fun. Thanks to the insight into the technologies used, we were also able to take away valuable information for the future design of our processes.

The joint successes:

  • Job titles of existing contact persons automatically supplemented or updated.
  • Automatic classification of job titles in decision levels and departments (e.g. decision-maker vs. user, sales vs. purchasing).
  • Recognition of contact data from e-mail signatures based on service tickets. Job titles, company names, personal names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses and much more were extracted.

Conclusion of our customer:

The business case for collaboration is more than positive. A huge number of manual working hours could be saved, and our marketing activities can be played out more target-oriented and are therefore more successful.

The initial proof-of-concept with our customer was so convincing that we are now integrating and further automating the data cleansing and enrichment, which was initially carried out once, into the customer's ongoing processes.

A market leader in the healthcare sector

What an incredibly great success. We are always looking for new ways to improve our sales contact information and keep it up-to-date. Especially regarding new practices or potential customers, manual data research is extremely time-consuming. The contact data automatically collected by snapADDY is worth its weight in gold for our sales team.

The joint successes:

  • Automatic recognition of company master data of smaller companies in the health care sector that have only recently started conducting business.
  • Verification of already existing master data regarding contact telephone numbers and addresses.

Conclusion of our customer:

The data quality achieved by snapADDY is surprisingly good. Every automation in this area saves us several hours of work and we want to integrate this solution into our CRM system as soon as possible.

Based on the successful data cleansing project, we are now examining together with our customer how we can integrate the processes into the CRM system Salesforce used by the customer in the long term.

How exactly does a Data Cleansing project work at snapADDY?


  1. Do you have a data problem? We offer you the solution!
    In case you have a large amount of B2B data to enrich, update, improve or clean, please contact us via the form below. In an initial online meeting, a data scientist will discuss with you how we can successfully solve the problem at hand.

  2. A random sample is used to establish the course of the project
    In the next step, you first send us a random data sample so that our data scientist can get a clear overview and estimate the work to be invested in the project.

  3. Data cleansing using intelligent technologies
    Having identified your problems and set the objectives together, our data scientist will start with the professional implementation of Data Cleansing in your project. In order to do this, it is necessary that you provide us with all of your data so that we can complete, clean and process it using our intelligent technologies. Throughout the entire project, we guarantee that all data will be processed not only following the GDPR but also to the highest standards.

  4. Presentation of the results by comparing targets and results
    Once the data has been optimized and successfully transferred to the required format and, to succesfully conclude the project, we will organize a meeting together with our data scientist to present you the results obtained by comparing them with the initial objectives. Thanks to the experience we have had so far, we have been able to prove that we meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

  5. Consulting to avoid future data problems
    How can you ensure that you will never have data problems again? In an optional consultation, our data scientist will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Data Cleansing project. We will discuss the causes with you and develop individual and lasting measures to ensure that you always remain in control of your data!

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