International address recognition par excellence

Whether you are receiving international business partners or you are on a business trip abroad: The snapADDY CardScanner digitizes your received business cards free of charge and independent of time and place.

Multilingual digitizer

The snapADDY CardScanner is no ordinary business card scanner, but a true language genius. It processes contact and address formats from over 50 countries in milliseconds and is available in five operating languages. In combination with the integrated batch processing and the optional storage of notes and attachments, the app advances to a multilingual digitizer. By the way, international address recognition is not only limited to business cards: With the snapADDY CardScanner you can also read contact information from QR codes.

Recognition of contact and address formats from over 50 countries

Worldwide benchmark in recognition quality

In addition to the functions and the usability, a good business card scanner is characterized above all by the recognition quality. The more information is captured precisely from the business card, the less adjustments you, the user, have to make yourself. Internally conducted comparative tests with the best known competitors prove this: The snapADDY CardScanner is the worldwide benchmark in address recognition.

snapADDY CardScanner recognizes contact data better than other business card scanners

Best results thanks to Deep Learning

The key to the excellent recognition quality is the use of artificial intelligence. The address recognition algorithm developed by snapADDY in the CardScanner is continuously improved to identify the different patterns in international address and contact formats in highest quality. The basis for this is an intelligent combination of classic machine learning, state-of-the-art deep learning technology and extensive knowledge databases that are constantly being expanded. Our data science team makes sure that the snapADDY CardScanner gets even better every day!

Beste Ergebnisse durch DeepLearning

Global Player from North Bavaria

Developed in Würzburg and used all over the world! For contact and address formats of more than 50 countries the recognition was optimized to reduce the error rate to a minimum. This includes, among others, with all G20 countries the most important industrial and emerging countries.

Currently the snapADDY CardScanner supports the following character sets:

  • Latin characters, including umlauts and special characters of many languages
  • Cyrillic characters (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus)
  • Chinese characters (traditional and simplified)
  • Japanese characters
  • Korean characters
Globaler Player aus Unterfranken