Export of digitized business cards

As diverse as business cards are the export possibilities of the world's best scanner. The snapADDY CardScanner offers perfect solutions for both private users and business professionals to process and store their digitized contacts.

Export to your smartphone contacts for free

With the free snapADDY CardScanner, you can store any scanned business card directly on your smartphone or share it with other services. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, just type once and the new contact is digitized and stored in your contacts.

Direktexport in Ihre Kontakte
Paid feature

Direct export to the CRM system

With an upgrade to snapADDY CardScanner CRM, you have a direct connection to your CRM system. For only 5,- EUR per month you can export new contacts from the app to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP C/4HANA, Pipedrive or SugarCRM. Thus your CRM system is always up to date!

Export scanned business cards directly to Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics!
Paid feature

Duplicate check included in the app

Once the app is connected to your CRM system, a duplicate check is automatically performed before each export. Our traffic light system shows you in real time whether the company, contact or lead is available in your CRM system. If this is the case, the CRM inventory data will be compared with the scanned data of the business card. Afterwards, you decide which fields you want to update by simply tapping them.

During the scanning process, the CRM inventory data and the scanned data are compared with the business card.
Paid feature

Saving in Excel format

For a fast and universal processing of the new contacts outside of your CRM system, saving them in the Microsoft Excel file format has proven to be very useful. The CardScanner CRM also covers this alternative. You can choose to export one or more contacts.

Export your scanned business cards in the Microsoft Excel file format
Paid feature

Transfer via the snapADDY API

Another export option available in CardScanner CRM is the snapADDY API. This programming interface allows you to transfer new contacts to any software solution. The snapADDY API is especially useful if you are not using one of the five directly supported CRM systems or if you need a custom solution.

Connect your system via the snapADDY API especially if you are not using one of the supported CRM systems
Paid feature

Address qualification with snapADDY DataQuality

Alternatively you can send your digitized business card to snapADDY DataQuality. With the smart desktop wizard, you can enrich your new contact with relevant details that are not on his business card prior to the CRM export. These details can include, for example, the industry or the size of the company. Once all the necessary information has been included, nothing stands in the way of a transfer to the CRM system.

Supplement the recorded data of the business cards with further information in snapADDY Grabber