snapADDY Business Card Scanner

With the snapADDY business card scanner you can import your business cards quickly and easily into your CRM system or phone book. Forget the manual typing of business cards and save valuable time!

Fast acquisition without typing

With our Business Card Scanner you can capture your collected business cards conveniently with your smartphone - completely without typing anything. Take a foto from a business card with the app. After the data has been uploaded, it is processed by our algorithm and directly saved as a contact in the Business Card Scanner app. You can immediately scan the next business card without having to perform any further steps in our app. Using that workflow you lose as little time as possible on the way! The app is available in the Play Store (Android) as well as in the App Store (iOS).

Capture all relevant information on the go

In addition to capture contact information, you can use the Business Card Scanner to store notes and attachments linked to a contact - for example, during a sales call in the field. You can also capture the back of the business card. Even if you are on the road and have no internet reception, this is no problem for the snapADDY Business Card Scanner. The data is only transferred and extracted automatically when you re-establish an Internet connection.

Supports many languages, countries and address formats

The address recognition of the Business Card Scanner is optimized for many languages and country formats. When adding a new business card, select the language and help our algorithm to recognize it. You can currently scan a variety of business cards from different countries with different address formats. International contact persons can thus be conveniently recorded directly in the conversation.

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snapADDY Business Card Scanner: address recognition for different countries

Export possiblities: CRM system or phone book

You have the choice! Either you save your business cards in your phone book or you export your business cards directly into the CRM from the Business Card Scanner app. We offer integrations to the following CRM systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP C/4HANA, SugarCRM and Pipedrive. If you use the snapADDY Grabber as well, you also have the possibility to send the recognized data as a contact to your snapADDY Grabber. There you can enrich additional information with the Contact Person Search and further features.

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