snapADDY Assistant

Corporate Version


The snapADDY Assistant is the answer to the tedious maintenance of your Outlook 365 address book! Our intelligent assistant for Outlook 365 with its sophisticated concept ensures that you no longer have to add or change contacts in your Outlook 365 address book yourself.


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snapADDY Assistant coporate edition

Unformatted contact data from other sources

Contact data you have not received by email can also be transferred to the snapADDY Assistant for contact recognition. You can insert the entire contact, e.g. from a PDF file oder a website into a text field in the Assistant. The information received will be interpreted by our intelligent contact recognition algorithm and automatically added to your suggestion list.

snapADDY Assistant: unformatted contact data from other sources

Business card scanner app

With the business card scanner app you can easily and quickly transfer your collected business cards to your Outlook address book. Simply use the app to take pictures of your business card. The system interprets which information belongs in which field and the fields of your Outlook contact are updated automatically. The contact will be imported into your snapADDY Assistant, where you can save it directly into your address book.

snapADDY Assistant: business card scanner feature

Ad-free and in your company's CI

Brand the snapADDY Assistant and the regular update mails in your company's CI and remove all references to our product portfolio. TThe entire product will be even better accepted by your employees and appears to be individually designed for your company.

snapADDY Assistant coporate: ad-free and in your company's CI
snapADDY Assistant
at a glance

Always up-to-date contacts

Searching contact data in emails is a thing of the past!

Current contacts everywhere

With Office 365 you have the latest contact data always at hand!

Well maintained databases

No contacts are lost anymore!

Company-wide rollout

The Office 365 add-in can be rolled out by the administrator.

Effortless contact creation

Forget copy & paste and create contacts with a single click!

No additional account

Register and login via your existing Office 365 account.

Additional features of the corporate version

Address grabber

Extraction of unformatted contact data from other sources in the Assistant.

Business card scanner

Capture business cards without typing!

Ad-Free with your branding

Assistant and update mails in your company CI, without advertising!