snapADDY Assistant

The snapADDY Assistant is the answer to the tedious maintenance of your Outlook 365 address book! Our intelligent assistant for Outlook 365 with its sophisticated concept ensures that you no longer have to add or change contacts in your Outlook 365 address book yourself.

snapADDY Assistant

Automatic contact suggestions

The snapADDY Assistant uses snapADDY's excellent in-house contact recognition algorithm to check incoming e-mails for contact information obtained from the signatures. The recognized contacts are automatically compared with your address book in Outlook 365 and displayed as a new contact suggestion or change suggestion depending on the situation. The suggestions can then be accepted or rejected with just one click.

Automatic contact suggestions

Intelligent contact updates

Already existing contacts in your address book are recognized and checked by our duplicate check. If the algorithm detects changes or additions in an email, these are displayed as a suggestion. With just one mouse click you can keep your existing contact up to date.

Intelligent contact updates

Regular update mails

Surely your everyday life in the office is also well filled with tasks and you don't want to deal with the time-consuming topic of contact data maintenance more than necessary. That's why we will send you regular update e-mails with the contact suggestions of your snapADDY Assistant. You can accept or reject the suggestions directly with just one click. You can decide whether you want to receive the mails daily or weekly.

Regular update mails

GDPR - You retain complete control!

Despite all automation, you must retain control of your data, also in the sense of the GDPR. Therefore, the contact suggestions will only be transferred to your Outlook 365 address book by the snapADDY Assistant after they have been checked and approved.

snapADDY Assistant: works perfect with GDPR
snapADDY Assistant
at a glance

Always up-to-date contacts

Searching contact data in emails is a thing of the past!

Current contacts everywhere

With Office 365 you have the latest contact data always at hand!

Well maintained databases

No contacts are lost anymore!

Company-wide rollout

The Office 365 add-in can be rolled out by the administrator.

Effortless contact creation

Forget copy & paste and create contacts with a single click!

No additional account

Register and login via your existing Office 365 account.

Download Assistant

Install the free helper for a tidy Outlook contact book - automatically updated by incoming email signatures!