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The Basics

Common use cases

Four time-saving use cases

snapADDY Grabber

Instantly capture leads & contact data

How to grab contact data

The basics of snapADDY Grabber

Grabbing with Outlook

How does snapADDY work in Outlook?


snapADDY Outlook add-in

How to install the snapADDY Outlook add-in

snapADDY Chrome extension

How to install snapADDY's Chrome extension

CRM integrations

snapADDY for Salesforce

How to create a new Salesforce lead in under 15 seconds

snapADDY for Microsoft Dynamics

How to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to snapADDY

snapADDY for SugarCRM

How to connect SugarCRM to snapADDY

snapADDY for weclapp

How to connect weclapp to snapADDY

snapADDY for

How to connect to snapADDY