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A crocodile rarely stands alone. Join us now and make money for selling snapADDY packages. Please contact us and learn more about our partnership models. We are happy to discuss doing business with you individually.

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Our partners at a glance

We don't just find contact, address and leads - we rely on partnerships and work closely with our partners. These are our current partners:

We take over the support

If there are any problems during the test phase or during installation, we are always at the side of our partners. We help with the onboarding of new customers. They take care of the initial introduction and we help with complicated technical questions.

Partner Program

Packages for every company size

Whether for freelancers or large corporations, snapADDY has something for everyone. Just take a look at our prices page for more information. As a partner there are enormous possibilities. No customer is too small or too big to use snapADDY.

Partner program packages

Explained in 5 minutes

Our product is simple. You can explain snapADDY to the right contact person in less than 5 minutes. If the contact person has already entered addresses manually, he knows the pain and will love you for the idea of snapADDY.

5-minute explanation

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