CRM Mapping

System integration with your CRM system


snapADDY offers ready-to-use interfaces to popular CRM systems

Standard CRM configuration & snapADDY DataQualty:

For each CRM system there are standard fields, such as name, company, telephone number or address, which can be automatically synchronized by snapADDY DataQuality into the CRM system. If you are using a CRM system where the contact fields from snapADDY DataQuality are created as default fields, you do not need a CRM mapping to snapADDY!

Why may system integration be useful/necessary?


  • CRM fields no longer correspond to the standard
    If you are using a CRM system that has been adapted from the standard system with modified or specially defined fields, a CRM mapping is required to link the new or modified fields to snapADDY


  • Additional fields are to be integrated into the snapADDY products
    If you want to link additional fields in the interface of snapADDY DataQuality that are not available in the standard configuration of your CRM system (e.g. position, industry or website), a CRM mapping is necessary.


  • Questionnaires should not only be attached to a contact as a note
    If you use snapADDY VisitReport in the standard integration, the individual questions and answers are stored as a note for the respective contact in the CRM system. If you want to link the questions directly to special fields in your CRM system, CRM mapping is also necessary.


snapADDY DataQuality

  • Integrate fields which do not exist in the CRM standard and therefore cannot be transferred (position, website depending on CRM system)
  • Inbound Forms
  • Display specially created fields from the CRM system in DataQuality & change them (e.g. potential assessment, ABC analysis)

snapADDY VisitReport

  • Integration of questions with single selection, multiple selection, date, signature, text, text field, time directly with the respective CRM field

Best practice solution VisitReport:
We recommend that you create a new entity in the CRM system if you want full integration that is linked to the existing entities. This enables you to create several visit reports for a contact person, so that you can follow the progress of communication with a potential customer even across several trade fairs.

How does it work from a technical point of view?


  1. Download field definitions: This way we know which fields belong to which entity and what the structure of your fields in the CRM system looks like

  2. Fill out the mapping template so that you can see which values in snapADDY are to be assigned to the fields in your personal CRM system

  3. Before your next trade fair visit, you should test the mapping extensively to ensure that the data is transferred correctly