Technical requirements and product discontinuations

Our software solutions are subject to constant development. In order to guarantee you the best quality of our apps and add-ons, we have decided to support the following software versions:

Supported hardware and software

Here you will find an overview of the currently supported systems and versions.

snapADDY Grabber

Outlook Add-in
- Version 2010 and higher

Google Chrome
- Version 60 and higher
If your Google Chrome is not up to date, please follow these instructions.

Microsoft Edge
- Version 79 and higher

snapADDY Business Card Scanner & VisitReport

  • iOS Devices: version 10 and higher
  • Android devices: version 6 and higher

We recommend the use of the latest device and software generations!

Minimum requirements for the quality of the camera for the use of the business card scanner

5 megapixels, we recommend 8 megapixels

Product discontinuations

Currently none

Supported CRM systems