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snapADDY is a sales tool that saves you a lot of time and effort when researching and collecting contact data. Automatic maintenance of contact data in your CRM system!

snapADDY - Adressdaten pflegen ohne Tipparbeit
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snapADDY - Adressdaten pflegen ohne Tipparbeit
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snapADDY Grabber

automated sales tool for your in-house sales department

snapADDY VisitReport

modern lead management at trade fairs & in the field

snapADDY Grabber is designed for your sales staff inhouse and ensures a fast way of working within your CRM system. Whether you need to create new contacts or leads with the automated steps of snapADDY Grabber or to update outdated contacts directly from your CRM system, snapADDY Grabber is there to support you!

  • Contact Page Crawler You can use the Contact Page Crawler to automatically retrieve master data linked to a company name from the Internet & save it in your CRM!
  • CRM Updater Update contacts directly from your CRM. Using the CRM Updater you can update your old contacts based on all functions of snapADDY Grabber.
  • Contact Person Search Finding the right decision-maker is the basis for a subsequent sales success. snapADDY Grabber therefore uses a Contact Person Search with a wide range of filters.
  • Business cards extraction Are you typing business cards manually into your CRM? With snapADDY you don’t have to! With a photo, all corresponding values are stored within a new contact in your CRM.

snapADDY VisitReport takes away the annoying paper work at trade fairs or in the field service! Your employees fill in your individually configured sheets digitally via our app & the results are immediately stored in your CRM. Customers can be addressed within minutes after a conversation with a follow-up mailing!

  • Individual visit reports Set up your own reports. You can use our configurator to enter your own questions and topics.
  • Own branding Ensure a professional appearance. With your own company logo, colors and font in the app, your customer talks will be remembered.
  • Business cards extraction Create a contact person after a trade fair in your CRM? Takes too long manually! With snapADDY VisitReport you have to make just one photo of the business card to do so!
  • Analyse your reports With our filters & reports, you can analyze your collected digital visit reports for the most important key figures.

In collaboration for a better sales outcome!

Enormous time savings

Automated processes for lead and contact detection. The typing effort is canceled and the time required is reduced by at least 70%.

More sales

Close more deals by up to date contact data. Use complete and correct adress data as well as personal email addresses for targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

Improved data quality

By using snapADDY, telephone numbers, company names or master data are transmitted in a standardized and normalized manner. The risk of duplicates in your CRM is also reduced.

Greater control

Keep track of your customers. Evaluate your completed questionnaires for the most important KPIs.

Less costs

Save money with fast customer conversations in the field! Forget pen & paper! With snapADDY the dream of a paper-free sales distribution lives!

Using snapADDY sales employees save an average of 3.8 hours of working time every week compared to entering the data manually into their CRM!

Our CRM-Integrations

Is your CRM system not supported yet? Use our snapADDY API or get in touch with us.

We make our customers happy

We inspire our customers with our tools and make their daily work easier! Take a look at the experiences of these snapADDY users.

„Here at Konica Minolta "digitalization" isn't just a buzzword. We are continuously working towards optimization of our business processes. With snapADDY manually putting data into our CRM is a thing of the past and we vastly benefit from the improved data quality.“

Martin Schwaier, Manager IT Business & Services at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH
Martin Schwaier, Manager IT Business & Services at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH

„Contact data, e.g. on business cards, only become valuable when they're properly documented in a CRM. It's actually fun to import contacts with snapADDY, because it is fast and it works. For me, it's a real performance tool. Additionally, my team more readily and quickly accepted the newly introduced CRM.“

Christoph Raatz, Clustermanagement at IT FOR WORK e.V.
Christoph Raatz, Clustermanagement at IT FOR WORK e.V.

„By implementing snapADDY in our research and sales processes, our work has become much more efficient and timely. snapADDY helps us to determine contact information quickly and directly, make it suitable for different use cases and further process the information.“

Jan Delventhal, Account Director at Statista GmbH
Jan Delventhal, Account Director at Statista GmbH
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Systemair GmbH
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