First steps in VisitReport

No more pen and paper in sales meetings – with snapADDY VisitReport, you can create customized questionnaires and record visit reports everywhere using the app. This way, your processes at trade fairs and in the field are finally digital.

Let us now capture a visit report together. For this, we will create a contact and fill out a sample questionnaire. First, download the snapADDY VisitReport app and log in with the login information of your snapADDY test account. The app is available for Android and iOS.


In the app, you will first get a short introduction. After that, you will see a sample template that we have stored for you to get started easily. Later, you will have the possibility to design such customized templates according to your needs.


Create a new visit report using the sample template. First, enter the contact data of the person you are talking to. We have already stored demo data for you as inventory data. However, you can also add contact data manually by scanning a business card.


Then fill out the questionnaire. This is divided into three different groups and contains different question types, such as single choice, dependent questions, and a signature field.


Once you have completed the questionnaire, click on "Done". You can now find the visit report in the "Reports" tab and then export it to the snapADDY VisitReport dashboard. There you will find the completed visit reports.


In the dashboard you can analyze the report, view statistics, and also create your personal and customized questionnaires.


Any questions?

If you have any further questions about our products, please contact our support. We will be happy to help you!

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