First steps in DataQuality

From now on, DataQuality supports you in digitally capturing business contacts and automatically keeping your CRM system up to date. With this tool, data chaos is a thing of the past.

We show you one of the many possible use cases of DataQuality: the creation of a new qualified lead. For this specific example, we use "snapADDY GmbH." You will learn how to search for company data and find a contact person for snapADDY. Here's how we do it in seven steps:


First, log in to the snapADDY DataQuality dashboard with the login information of your snapADDY test account. Click on the "DataQuality" menu item.


Let's assume you are interested in "snapADDY GmbH" and want to create a contact record for this company. We start to search company data. For this, click on "Add contact" and select "Company data search". Enter "snapADDY GmbH" in the search field.


Now different sources such as the company's legal notice, social networks, and Google Places will be searched and displayed. For example, select the data from the company's legal notice by clicking “Select all.”


Click on "Apply values" so that the data marked in green is automatically transferred to snapADDY DataQuality. You can now see the newly created contact record for snapADDY GmbH with the managing director Roland Hötzl as the first automatically defined contact person.


Do you also have a Xing or LinkedIn account? Great, then we can search for matching contacts more specifically. Click on "Contact person" for this purpose. First log in to Xing or LinkedIn by clicking on the icon at the top right.

To display search results from business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn, the snapADDY Helper extension is required. Note: Reload snapADDY DataQuality after installing snapADDY Helper.


After logging in, remove the filter "Roland Hötzl" (blue filter indicator). You will then see a list of potential contacts that you can apply by clicking on "Apply."


You will see the changes in green and, if necessary, you can also adjust your changes by clicking on the previous values. All contact data is now listed and organized in snapADDY DataQuality.


Any questions?

With our CRM export, you can save contact data uniformly in your CRM system with just one click. DataQuality supports dynamic integrations for the most popular CRM systems and an API for other third-party systems.
Contact our team to show you how to export to your CRM system.

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