First steps in the BusinessCards

From now on, you will always have the world's best business card scanner on your side. Use it to scan business cards wherever you are and save the recognized contact data directly in your CRM system.

Scan business cards and create a digital business card

Below we will show you how to scan a business card and create your own digital business card. First download the BusinessCards app. The app is available for Android and iOS.


Open the snapADDY BusinessCards app. Tap on "Scan business card" or the plus at the bottom right. The captured contact information will be displayed.

Step 2

Create your digital business card by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the "My card" tab
  2. Add contact data and a profile picture
  3. Select company logo, background image and color
  4. Insert personal links such as LinkedIn or a meeting booking link

Use the BusinessCards app or save your digital business card in Google or Apple Wallet and share your card quickly and easily with your business partners.

Export to CRM

Connect to your CRM system to export the imported data to your personal CRM system.


You can export the recognized contact directly to your CRM system. Go back to the start page, click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner and enter your login information.



Select "Connect to Salesforce via... API". Tap "Connect." You will be redirected to Salesforce where you can log in with your Salesforce user information.


Microsoft Dynamics

Select "Connect to Dynamics via.... OAuth" and use the URL of your Microsoft Dynamics instance. Tap "Connect." You will be redirected to Microsoft Dynamics where you can log in using your Microsoft Dynamics user information.

Alternatively, if connecting via OAuth is not possible, you can select the "Current Web Session" option.


SAP Sales Cloud

Use the URL of your SAP Sales Cloud instance. Tap "Connect." You will be redirected to SAP Sales Cloud where you can log in with your SAP Sales Cloud user information.



Tap "Connect." You will be redirected to Pipedrive where you can log in with your Pipedrive user information.



Use the URL of your SugarCRM instance. Tap "Connect." You will be redirected to SugarCRM where you can log in with your SugarCRM user information.


Open a contact and click the export button at the bottom right to export the contact to your CRM system. You can also save the contact to your smartphone's address book as an alternative to the CRM.


CRM customization

We know that CRM systems can sometimes be complex. If you have customized settings or fields, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with fast and easy support for the customization to your CRM system.

snapADDY support