Visit report template for the field service and trade fairs


In internal sales, the recording of communication with customers and interested parties using a CRM system is widespread, but also in external sales the recording of communication with potential new customers is elementary for sales success. In this guide we would therefore like to present you with an important instrument for this purpose: the visit report as a template.

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Visit report - recording of all communication

Due to the Internet and modern communication possibilities, sales are increasingly taking place outside a personal meeting on site. Nevertheless, trade fairs and field sales are still important pillars (almost) of every company, in which time and money are invested accordingly. The correct recording of your conversations at a trade fair is the basis for further sales success. But how are the interested parties and customer conversations stored for further action? The purpose of this article is to explain the meaning and structure of these reports. At the end of this article we have prepared a visit report template for you to download free of charge, which you are welcome to use!

Visit report, what does it mean?

For many sales employees, visit reports are THE means to record and evaluate customer information on the road. For this reason, too, these reports are particularly important for work in the field and at trade fairs. The basic idea is simple. You think in advance about what you are interested in potential prospects for your service or product and what information you need for the subsequent sales process.

Many companies do not address this issue precisely enough and do not have a uniform concept for the visit report templates of their employees. Be particularly precise here in the analysis and try to use as many on-site conversations as possible as a basis for the decision of the exact questions. Are you selling a specific product that can only be used within the framework of a project? Then, for example, opportunities/risks for the order are also important for the further processing of the interested company in sales. Be very precise in this step and tailor the questions to your product or service.

Based on this, the visit report templates are filled out individually in a conversation with the customer or interested party and finally filed together with the business card. After the fair or the field service employment the filled out collecting mains of the attendance reports are then used, in order to contact the suitable prospective customers again. A CRM system is often used in this step, in which the content of the visit reports is entered. In this step, it is of elementary importance that the sales employee fills out the visit report directly in the conversation with the customer or afterwards. Due to the atmosphere of a trade fair and the many discussions, otherwise important information is forgotten just a few days after the trade fair.

Why use a visit report template?

The advantage of a visit report as a template is obvious. And yet, at trade fairs or even in the field, you still see many sales people who only write down their results loosely on a piece of paper or even collect only business cards without writing anything down. If you use a clear visit report that has been designed beforehand on the basis of a well-founded analysis, no visitors and no possible sales opportunities will be lost. With the visit reports, you then have the opportunity in the follow-up of a trade fair to classify your interests into different groups, each of which requires a different approach from a sales point of view. In addition, the visit report sets the course for long-term cooperation. The documentation of the essential key figures and the discussion notes - first on paper and then directly into the CRM after the trade fair - make it clear at a much later point in time in the CRM which problems, requirements and possible wishes a customer has. This information enables the sales representative to always see how he has convinced the customer and also when the time has come to react to any problems that arise.

What makes a good visit report template?

Decisive for a visit report submission are of course the questions and information that are asked. Depending on the industry, there are clear differences. Basically, it can be said that the sales employee collects data about the company and the contact person of the interested party or customer via the questionnaire. At the top of the list are the master data, company size, which products are of interest, and how much is requested. Equally important, however, is what happens in the company. Where does the company want to go?

Through a consistent evaluation of your visit reports, it is even possible to make strategic decisions afterwards, e.g. based on the structure of the possible customer responses regarding the company size. If, for example, the closing rates in larger companies are significantly lower, one could draw conclusions about weaknesses in the sales process. A visit report can therefore always be used as the starting point for an analysis of sales force deployments.

Using templates for visit reports

Creating a visit report yourself is not so easy and also very time-consuming. It is better to use a visit report template and then to adapt it to your specific needs based on your analysis. You are welcome to use our visit report template!