Search & Find B2B Leads

Especially for B2B sales it is important to find potential leads in order to increase turnover and compensate for lost existing customers. Especially in the B2B sector, companies that are active in fast-growing industries and want to remain successful on the market are looking for good leads. But how do you find the leads that fit your company and what do you have to look for?

The search for B2B leads can be very time-consuming. But with small tricks the search can be made easier and potential new customers can even become aware of you on their own. The marketing department of your company plays an important role if it is not even responsible for new leads. But also search engines and social networks, as well as business networks and of course the internet makes the search for leads easier for you. Of course you can also buy leads, but mostly the quality doesn't fit your corporate. Therefore it is better to search for leads yourself. snapADDY DataQuality makes it easier for you to search for leads. You can transfer contact data and enrich it directly in DataQuality with features such as contact person search (via XING or LinkedIn), e-mail finder, etc.. You can automatically transfer the potential lead to CRM or have it exported as an Excel document.

An advantage for your own B2B leads search is, of course, that you search for your potential customers yourself and are therefore already informed about the company and the contact person. This makes it easier for you to make contact, as you can score points with any specialist knowledge and thus establish long-term contact.

Search & Find B2B Leads: All information at a glance!

A company working in the B2B sector constantly needs new leads in order to be able to market its product or service. Anyone who has ever looked for B2B leads knows that this is a lot of work and takes a lot of time and nerves.

How do I find leads that fit my company and could help me close a deal? First of all, you should be aware of the industry in which the product/service can be used and possibly a purchase could be made. If you know this, you can search for companies via yellow pages or a business search engine. You can also use social media, advertising banners and your website to attract attention.

Find B2B leads with the help of the Internet!

Search the Internet for a business directory. If you have found what you are looking for (e.g. Yellow Pages), you can search for companies in this sector that are relevant to you. You will be shown a selection of companies that you can sort according to federal states or cities.

Of course you can search directly in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! for B2B leads. With these search engines you can reach all users. Use the search operators offered by Google for targeted searches as well. These help you with a targeted search and thus the results can be better narrowed. A search for a certain contact person or company, however, can be difficult. However, you can close this gap via the XING and LinkedIn business networks.

Another way to search for B2B leads is therefore a business search engine, such as "Who delivers what?". This search engine is specialized in the field of "suppliers". With this search engine you can search for products and services or for company information.

Find B2B leads through trade fairs

There are trade fairs and congresses for every specialist area. Take the opportunity to make contacts and generate potential leads. No matter whether you have a stand or are there as a visitor. Take your business cards with you and search for potential leads. Trade fairs are always a good chance to get in touch with potential customers personally.

Find B2B Leads via Social Networks

Without social networks it is no longer possible today. Almost every company uses networks such as Twitter, Facebook or the business networks XING and LinkedIn. Take advantage of this opportunity and maintain your social network! If you post/tweet something etc., draw attention to yourself. Interested parties will link your status and thus show your interest in your product or service. Grab these "warm leads". Social selling has developed around these networks. Targeted sales activities via XING or LinkedIn. You can find more information about social selling here.

Attract B2B leads with your website

The company website is very important, so it should always be maintained. But what role does the website play in the search for new leads? Quite simply! Attract potential leads with a honey pot. Test versions of your product or a discount code are suitable for this. Customers who are interested in your product leave your name, company, phone number and other information. The same principle works with the newsletter. In this way the customers and your data come to you on their own and you can concentrate on the support.