snapADDY email tracking keeps track of your sent mail in Outlook. Stay informed when a recipient opens an email or link and respond promptly to that sales opportunity!

Get notified when your prospects are dealing with your mails

If you are tracking your outbound Outlook emails with snapADDY, you will get a notification immediatley if the recipient opens the mail and is apparently occupied with your message. A clear overview shows you how often and at what time the prospect has opened your mails. Using this process you are able to react quickly and decide best when and how to approach your prospective customers with your sales team.

track emails with snapADDY

Track link clicks live

Do you have added any links to your tracked e-mail? In that case you can see all links clicked with our live alerts. If you have added several links to your mail, you’ll see at a glance, which was the most frequented one. Thereby you quickly get an impression of what the prospective customer is interested in the most. These information is going to help you in your following sales procedure!

track email links with snapADDY

Customizable opt-out possibility

To use out e-mail tracking in compliance with data protection we help you setting up opt-in and offer an opt-out option. If the recipient does not want to be tracked anymore, he can easily unsubscribe from the email tracking via the opt-out form. The opt-out works for the whole organization at once. That means: other colleagues from your company cannot track that email adress no longer as well. You don’t like the default opt-out text? No problem: In the settings you can adjust the opt-out text to your desired result.

customizable opt-out possibility

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Intelligent algorithm for contact data extraction

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