CRM Updater

snapADDY CRM Updater supports you in updating existing contact data in your CRM system. Forget outdated data and save a lot of work!

Update contacts & organizations with one click

Outdated contact data are a major problem in any CRM system. And this happens faster than you think. In general a CRM system tracks all communication data with customers and prospectives over several years. Inevitably, the number of obsolete data gets larger the longer a CRM system is used. With snapADDY CRM Updater, you can directly check contacts & organizations in pipedrive to ensure their up-to-date status. By clicking the update button, a contact page crawl and contact person search are performed and all data found are compared with those of the CRM system. You have the choice!

snapADDY CRM Updater: update contacts & organizations directly in your CRM system

New interface for a central control

A new interface is the main component of snapADDY CRM Updater, which displays all features and workflows of snapADDY (contact page crawler, contact person search, address grabber and email finder) and the existing CRM data of a contact or organization. Thus, you can see at a glance whether there are differences in the CRM data and the contact data recognized by snapADDY. This merge view will also be implemented directly into all coming migration interfaces for new CRM systems.

snapADDY CRM Updater: new interface

Available for Pipedrive, Salesforce &

The CRM Updater for contacts and organizations is currently available for Pipedrive, Salesforce and In the future, other CRM systems will also be integrated, so that you can also update your contacts and organizations directly at the push of a button in your specific CRM. You want to know when your CRM system is ready? By subscribing to our newsletter you will always be informed about further developments of snapADDY CRM Updater.

snapADDY CRM Updater: available for Pipedrive

snapADDY Grabberat a glance

Contact Person Search

Find and capture the right contact person

Email Validator

Validate & search for specific e-mail addresses

Contact Page Crawler

Capture current company data

Business Cards Scanner

Capture business cards without typing

CRM Updater

Update company data automatically

Adress Grabber

Intelligent algorithm for contact data extraction

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