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snapADDY simplifies and speeds up the search for the right contact person within a company or industry. Save time and grab contact data from several business networks simultaneously!

Finding the right contact person the easy way

With snapADDY, you’ll find the right contact within a company on the basis of general business information, such as an imprint or a contact page. Grab a company address using the snapADDY Grabber and click the bullseye button. snapADDY searches various business networks for contacts and shows you the most important results. Now you can grab one or more contact persons from the search results. The contact details of the contact person are combined with the general company data. Of course, you can save these directly to your CRM. Like this, you save a lot of time in your search for the right contact person!

Searching several professional networking sites simultaneously

snapADDY searches simultaneously in several nationally and internationally oriented business networks for contacts. Currently, we support LinkedIn and Xing (the largest German professional networking site). Log in to the desired networks and take advantage of the full power of snapADDY! Our vision is to soon offer snapADDY users access to even more networks, such as the French Viadeo or the Polish Goldline. This way, you can efficiently search for international contact persons through networks, which specialize in local markets.

snapADDY Leads: LinkedIn and Xing

Specify your Contact Person Search with filters

Sales representatives often look for contacts from specific departments, such as IT management, a marketing staff member or a CEO. In snapADDY, you can refine your search for contacts by adding certain keywords, such as "Marketing employee" or "Marketing Manager" and save these as a filter. In addition to job title, you can also store other search parameters in the filter, such as industry, place or country. When a filter is selected, snapADDY only looks for contacts with filter keywords in their profile during your next leads search. To make it even easier, we've already created a few basic filters for you. Obviously, you can create, edit or delete filters yourself anytime you like.

snapADDY Leads: Filters

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Contact Person Search

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