Contact Page Crawler

With the snapADDY Contact Page Crawler you can automatically extract master data from company websites to a list. This way you obtain the most relevant information, collected in a standardized format.

These data are recognized by the web crawler

The Contact Page Crawler works well in German speaking countries, because companies in these countries are legally obliged to have an imprint on their website. Besides the imprint, the Contact Page Crawler searches for contact pages as well. We can never guarantee a success rate of 100%. Right now, our recognition rate lies around 70%. The following data can be crawled:

The following data can be crawled:
Company name, Street & house number, ZIP/Postal code & City, Country, Phone number, Mobile phone number, Fax number, Contact person on the respective contact page

Contact Page Crawler Recognition

Use within snapADDY Grabber or as a data service

The Contact Page Crawler can be used directly in snapADDY Grabber. In order to start the crawling process, click the "crawl contact page" button and confirm the suggested webpage. If the wrong webpage is detected you can choose from a list by clicking the “magnifying glass” icon in the blue bar. If you have a large list of company names or domains that should be supplemented with additional data from the web, we offer you this workflow as a data service. If you are interested in our data and special crawl services, please contact our sales team.

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Contact Page Crawler as a data service

Capture contact data from search results

Our Chrome extension and Firefox add-on both have some really cool features, that make contact data capture a piece of cake. Simply look for one of our easily recognizable crocodile buttons! You can find them on the following pages:

  • LinkedIn profiles
  • LinkedIn search results
  • Xing profiles
  • Xing search results
  • Google search results
  • Google Maps search results
snapADDY: contact data from search results

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