snapADDY Business Card Scanner

With snapADDY Business Card Scanner you can quickly and easily import your business cards to your respective CRM system. Forget manually typing in business cards to your CRM and save yourself valuable time!

snapADDY Business Card Scanner

Fast contact capture with our app

With our Business Card Scanner app, you can easily capture your business cards with your smartphone. When you take a picture of a business card, the data will automatically be processed and can be transfered to snapADDY Grabber. You are able to scan further cards immediately, you don’t have to perform further steps in our app. Save time on the go with snapADDY! The app is available for free in the Play Store (Android), as well as the App Store (iOS).

Different address formats for different countries

We have improved the address recognition of the business card scanner's algorithm for many languages and country formats. When you add a new business card, select the language and to help our algorithm to identify the right address format. You can select all important languages (e. g. Chinese, Spanish etc.). In the settings you can also define your most frequently used languages, which are displayed at the top of the screen during the selection process.

Different address formats for different countries in snapADDY Business Card Scanner

Business cards directly in your CRM

The choice is yours! Either you load your business cards into snapADDY Grabber and qualify your lead further or you export your business cards directly to your CRM from the Business Card Scanner app. We offer integrations to the most common CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and Salesforce. In addition, you can also create a contact in your mobile phone's address book from the gathered data or save it as an Outlook contact. Try it for yourself!

Import business cards into your CRM

Edit contacts directly in the app

The snapADDY Business Card Scanner allows you to make changes to the recognized data in the app itself. Therefore you can correct possible spelling errors directly in the app and export the contact data into your specific CRM system. In addition, already made pictures showing a business card can now be used to start the extraction process. If you still have old pictures of business card, you're able to transform them into your contacts. Even if you do not have any reception while scanning business cards, this is not longer a problem anymore: The Business Card Scanner detects if the internet receiption is strong enough for a picture upload or executes it at a later time.

Edit contacts directly in snapaddy business cards scanner

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