snapADDY for SuiteCRM

With snapADDY, the complex CRM data maintenance is a thing of the past. Capture new leads & prospects in just a few seconds with snapADDY’s SuiteCRM integration!

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snapADDY for SuiteCRM

snapADDY & SuiteCRM

Absolute lead power

Increase your sales efficiency with snapADDY for SuiteCRM. Use the time gained to increase your closing rate!

Automatic & error free data transfer

Address and contact data are available in a variety of formats. snapADDY brings order to the data chaos by transferring new contact data automatically and error free to your SuiteCRM account. Increase the data quality of your leads & prospects in SuiteCRM and use the time gained for your core tasks!

SuiteCRM: Automatic contact data transfer

Capturing leads & prospects the fast way

Capturing new lead or prospect data usually takes several minutes. As an intelligent sales assistant, snapADDY takes over this tedious task for you. Thanks to snapADDY, new leads will land in your SuiteCRM account in just a few clicks and without manual data entry. Of course, the lead source can be selected in advance.

SuiteCRM: direkt integration with lead sources

Simple connection to snapADDY

Link your SuiteCRM to snapADDY DataQuality to export your grabbed contacts directly to your CRM. You have to connect the two systems only once. Go into the snapADDY export settings and select SuiteCRM. Now enter your SuiteCRM URL and login information. You have successfully connected your SuiteCRM system to snapADDY and can benefit from simplified contact management with snapADDY. You no longer have to type in your contacts manually!

SuiteCRM: Simple connection to snapADDY