snapADDY for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Use snapADDY to automatically integrate your contact data as a lead, contact or account in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. The versatile functions enable you to increase your data quality in SAP Hybris C4C by automation. You are able to avoid duplicates in your CRM system and to enrich contact data automatically without errors!

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snapADDY for SAP Hybris C4C

snapADDY & SAP Hybris C4C

Professional data management

With snapADDY you ensure a tidy and well-structured SAP Hybris C4C CRM system. A high-quality customer database is the basis for your successful marketing and sales activities!

Save time in your data management

By using snapADDY you can easily research customer data & new leads and automatically transfer them to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. The research work is considerably easier to use. The Business Card Scanner for SAP Hybris C4C is transferring all data into the respective fields of the CRM system. The snapADDY Grabber can easily capture contact data via social networks, websites and Google Maps and directly create them as a contact, account or lead in SAP Hybris C4C. Spelling mistakes and time-consuming manual work in your CRM are a thing of the past!

SAP Hybris cloud for Customer: create a lead, account, contact

Automatic lead generation in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Use the REST API to automatically capture inbounds via web-to-lead in SAP Hybris C4C and to supplement further information with all functions of the snapADDY Grabber. Data can be completed by automation with the results of a company's search on Google Maps and the Contact Page Crawler. You can find out more about the crawled contacts via our interface that displays links and information of the social networks Xing and LinkedIn. Your marketing and sales activities can start right away!

Automatic lead generation in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Comfortable SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer interfaces

The use of snapADDY works out-of-the-box and requires no additional IT effort. You can start directly with the low-cost application. In addition to the standard fields, which are synchronized between SAP Hybris C4C and the snapADDY Grabber, you can define additional individual fields that map to your individually created fields in your SAP Hybris C4C CRM system.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer: Simple & quick setup
Additional CRM integrations

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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