snapADDY for Salesforce

Increase the data quality in your Salesforce account! snapADDY’s Salesforce integration ensures that you can quickly and uniformly store any contact data without typos to your CRM system.

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snapADDY for Salesforce

snapADDY & Salesforce

A perfect combination

With snapADDY for Salesforce, time-consuming data maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Save time and money with snapADDY!

Create leads, contacts and accounts uniformly

Quit the data chaos in Salesforce! If you grab contacts with snapADDY, you get higher-quality records in your CRM system. snapADDY detects address and contact information and assigns them automatically in a standardized format to the correct fields in Salesforce. You can choose to create a new lead, contact or account (or a combination) from the data.

Salesforce: leads, contacts, accounts

Create leads in seconds

Data entry of new leads or contacts in Salesforce takes time. Even with copypasting, you must highlight each piece of information individually and jump back & forth between windows. With snapADDY, you only need to highlight the complete data set once to directly obtain a prefilled lead form. All that in less than 15 seconds. We have video evidence for that: snapADDY’s Salesforce integration saves you a lot of time!

External duplicate check

If you’ve grabbed a new contact, our duplicate check will indicate whether the contact or the company is already stored in your Salesforce CRM system. If the contact and the company haven’t been created yet, a green square appears. If the company is already present in Salesforce, but the contact isn’t, the lower half of the square turns red. This also applies the other way around. When you transfer an already existing contact or account to Salesforce, you can comfortably complement the existing data directly in our tool. Save yourself a lot of time in your contact data management and provide redundancy-free entries in Salesforce!

Salesforce: external check for duplicates

Quick setup

Setting up snapADDY with Salesforce takes only a few seconds. Because we directly transfer the contact data into the forms of the CRM system, snapADDY does not need expensive IT work or admin privileges.

Salesforce Group and Salesforce Professional (without API connection)
Simply enter your Salesforce-URL in the snapADDY settings. To create a new contact, you must also be logged in Salesforce. Once logged in, you can immediately start grabbing contact data into your CRM system.

Salesforce Professional and higher (with API connection)
Are you using Salesforce Professional (incl. the optional "Web Services API" feature), Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited or Salesforce Performance? Take advantage of our Salesforce API connection! Directly connect snapADDY to Salesforce with your familiar Salesforce login data and enjoy additional benefits, such as our duplicate check and custom fields.

snapADDY & Salesforce: simple & uncomplicated

Update CRM data conveniently

snapADDY connected to your Salesforce CRM system now supports you in updating your existing CRM data. You have already captured a contact or organization in your Salesforce system and would like to update it? The whole workflow is done within two clicks! In the snapADDY Updater screen, you immediately see which values are already captured in your Salesforce CRM system and what new information snapADDY has found with the contact page crawler, the contact person search or the e-mail finder. In the following dialogue, you can select which value should be stored in your Salesforce CRM with a simple click.

snapADDY & Salesforce: CRM Updater

Custom fields in Salesforce

No Salesforce installation is exactly the same. Even when two companies both use Salesforce, company A uses it somewhat differently than company B. Salesforce often has a user-defined setup and therefore usually also has its own custom fields. As a service to our customers who use the Salesforce integration, we offer to integrate these custom fields into snapADDY DataQuality. This way, these fields can be directly exported their customized Salesforce installation.

snapADDY & Salesforce: custom fields
Additional CRM integrations

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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