snapADDY for Sage

With snapADDY DataQuality, you can capture new leads, contacts and companies into Sage within a few seconds and without manual data entry. Simply highlight any contact data and use the keyboard shortcut. The contact data will immediately be transferred and can quickly be saved in Sage. Very convenient!

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snapADDY & Sage

Making sales work

With snapADDY for Sage your sales work gets more efficient and structured. Discover the automatic contact data transfer in your CRM for your business.

Automated data transfer

Capturing contact data into Sage has never been so easy. Highlight an address and press "CTRL + C + C". snapADDY DataQuality takes care of the data automatically and maps them into the right format. By using this workflow you save a lot of time, which you can use for your core sales activities.

Sage CRM: create a lead

High-quality leads and opportunities

With snapADDY you are able to grab contact details from contact pages or email signatures in seconds. At the same time, you increase the quality of your leads, opportunities, people and companies in Sage: No more typos thanks to automatic data acquisition and appropriate contact persons thanks to a target group based search.

high data quality in Sage CRM with snapADDY

Simple & quick setup

To use snapADDY DataQuality with Sage CRM, you must connect them to each other once. Connecting both tools is easy and convenient. In snapADDY DataQuality settings, you have to enter your Sage URL and your account information. After this step, you are already able to transfer your new contacts efficiently to Sage CRM.

Sage CRM: Simple & quick setup