snapADDY for Microsoft Dynamics

All snapADDY products are integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics. This way, you can capture and enrich contact data in the interface and export visit reports directly to Microsoft Dynamics.

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Capture and enrich leads, contacts, and accounts

With snapADDY DataQuality, you can automatically record contact data from different data sources (such as business cards, email signatures, or professional networks) in Microsoft Dynamics in a matter of seconds. When creating new contact data, the integrated Smart Autocomplete feature automatically suggests missing data and completes it with a single click.

The intelligent application automatically transfers the new contact data from the signatures in your incoming emails directly into Microsoft Dynamics. After a duplicate check, a new lead, contact, or account is created or an existing record is updated. Thus, your CRM system is always up to date and complete.

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Your trade show contacts automatically in Microsoft Dynamics

With snapADDY VisitReport, you can scan business cards and capture all your trade show leads using a digital questionnaire adapted to the course of each of your meetings.

You can show videos, catalogs, or any other content and send a follow-up e-mail from the app directly after the meeting is over. You can export all recorded contact data directly to your Microsoft Dynamics. Be encouraged to provide the best service to your contacts faster than the competition and gain the biggest advantage!

Graphic of a tablet with a snapADDY VisitReport questionnaire in English.

Scan business cards and export them to Microsoft Dynamics

With snapADDY BusinessCards, you will not have to type contact information again. With the app, you can scan all contact data in just seconds and export it to your Microsoft Dynamics structured and error-free. In this way, every contact is stored where it is needed and where all colleagues can see it: in the CRM.

Automatic duplicate check when creating new data records

The snapADDY DataQuality smart app uses artificial intelligence to recognize phonetic or other similarities between data records in your CRM. You can customize the integrated duplicate check to your specific search and analysis criteria or user-defined entities.

Using a traffic light system, you can check whether a data record already exists in Microsoft Dynamics, whether the corresponding data needs to be updated or added, or whether two data records need to be merged. In this way, you can ensure that all data is up to date, complete, and without duplicates in your CRM.

Custom fields in Microsoft Dynamics

In addition to standard fields such as lead, contact, and account, you can also add information to other entities such as activities, tasks, appointments, applicants, opportunities, and products.

Individuelles CRM-Mapping mit dem snapADDY VisitReport

No complicated installations

No complicated installation is required to integrate snapADDY products with Microsoft Dynamics.Simply store the URL of your CRM system in the snapADDY configuration. By connecting to your CRM, data transfer can be started directly. It also works with a VPN connection. Data exchange has never been so easy!

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