snapADDY for Microsoft Dynamics

snapADDY in conjunction with Dynamics CRM makes creating new leads, contacts and companies easy. Especially for with Microsoft product-centered business world, we have built an extensive snapADDY basis. When combined with our Outlook add-in you get the best user experience of our assistant.

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snapADDY for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

snapADDY & Microsoft Dynamics

A strong symbiosis

With snapADDY for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customer acquisition is much more efficient! Tedious data entry belongs to the past while the data quality in your CRM is increased.

Enhanced Data Quality

Through automatic data acquisition, snapADDY prevents typos and ensures uniform data in your Dynamics CRM. This way you gradually increase the data quality in your CRM. From your familiar Outlook environment, you can easily capture and save new contacts to your CRM. The data are transferred automatically - without manual data entry!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Enhanced data quality

Capture leads in seconds

With snapADDY’s integration for Microsoft Dynamics, you can, for example, enter a new lead in less than 15 seconds! Try it out yourself and let us convince you of snapADDY. The source of the contact details you want to grab is irrelevant: with snapADDY for Outlook, you can for example import an e-mail signature or address data from a web page in mere seconds.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Capturing Leads

External duplicate check

If you’ve grabbed a new contact, our duplicate check will indicate whether the contact or the company is already stored in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. If the contact and the company haven’t been created yet, a green square appears. If the company is already present in Microsoft Dynamics, but the contact isn’t, the lower half of the square turns red. This also applies the other way around. When you transfer an already existing contact or account to Microsoft Dynamics, you can comfortably complement the existing data directly in our tool. Save yourself a lot of time in your contact data management and provide redundancy-free entries in Microsoft Dynamics!

snapADDY Microsoft Dynamics CRM: external check for duplicates

Easy installation

A further advantage is a simple link between the two systems. It doesn’t require a complicated installation by your IT department. Simply enter the URL of your CRM system in snapADDY’s settings. When you are logged in on your CRM you can directly start grabbing contact data, even when you work with a VPN connection! Data transfer doesn’t get much easier than that.

Custom fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

No Dynamics installation is exactly the same. Even when two companies both use Microsoft Dynamics, company A uses it differently than company B. Microsoft Dynamics CRM often has a user-defined setup and therefore usually also has its own custom fields configuration. As a service to our customers who use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, we offer to integrate these custom fields into snapADDY DataQuality. This way, these fields can be directly exported their customized Dynamics installation.

snapADDY Microsoft Dynamics CRM: custom fields
Additional CRM integrations

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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