Data Enrichment

Do you want to check your master data to verify whether it is up-to-date before implementing a CRM system or marketing automation? Are your contacts incomplete? With the Data Enrichment self-service, you can automatically update company data and fill in missing contact data.

Automatically fill gaps in company data

You can automatically enrich missing company data without manual effort and thus complete your data records.

Quickly update company data

Data records are only valuable if they are complete and up-to-date. You can check existing data in your system and update it automatically.

Validate business email address

Not sure if the email address of your contact person is correct? With the email validator, you can check it automatically.

Automatically complete and update company data

Complete and accurate contact data is essential for effective sales and marketing activities. With our Data Enrichment self-service, you can check that your data records are always complete and up to date. Instead of using a database (which may be obsolte), we compare the data in real-time with public sources such as legal notices, Wikidata, Société, XING, and Google Maps. Using artificial intelligence, we add the data found to a complete and up-to-date data record.

You can see a table with different columns and an office icon in front of it.

Validate business email addresses

Do you use to reach your contact person by phone or via business social networks, but have no email address or only a general one? Based on known email addresses for a specific domain, patterns can be recognized and automatically validated. Thus, the most compatible email address is added or updated in your Excel file.

Representation of a table with an enlarged mailicon with an "@" sign at the front right.

Why you should use Data Enrichment

Four reasons why our customers have chosen the Data Enrichment self-service

Fast contact

By having an up-to-date extension number and email address, you will be able to contact customers or stakeholders much faster and will not have to contact them first at the head office or with general emails.

Targeted marketing activities

With the help of correct and up-to-date contact data, you can target your marketing activities to the right contacts.

Successful data migration

Having accurate data records for the implementation of a new CRM, ERP, or marketing automation system contributes to the long-term success of the new tool.

Resource savings

You can save valuable labor time and staff costs by eliminating the need to manually add, update or check data records.

This is how simple Data Enrichment works

Excel Icon Graphic

Fill in our Excel template or create an Excel file with master data

Excel Icon with SnapADDY Soap

Upload the Excel file to clean and complete the data

Shiny Excel icon because data is cleaned.

Download and process the Excel file with completed and updated data

You can now start directly with Data Enrichment


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Our packages

We offer different pricing packages for your specific needs

129 € per month

  • 500 company records
  • 2,000 email addresses
  • Monthly runtime

249 € per month

  • 2,500 company records
  • 10,000 email addresses
  • Monthly runtime

499 € per month

  • 10,000 company records
  • 40,000 email addresses
  • Monthly runtime

Do you require a more comprehensive data cleansing?

Do you not only need to complete contact data but also check for duplicates or do you have special requirements? We can help you with our project-based Data Cleansing service to automatically update, complete and process large amounts of data.

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