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OMICRON: The automated capture of contact data sustainably increases CRM data quality

At OMICRON, more than 1,000 employees at 24 locations work passionately on innovative ideas to make electrical energy systems safe and reliable. Their customers - energy supply companies, industrial companies and manufacturers of products for the generation and transmission of electrical energy - rely on the proven testing, diagnostics and monitoring solutions worldwide.

OMICRON 's office building
OMICRON 's office building

In this interview, we talked to Robert Hawke about an essential topic: Data quality in the CRM system. For over 15 years, he has been primarily responsible for the introduction and further development of the sales area within Microsoft Dynamics and acts as a link between the sales and IT departments.

Manual capture of data from external sources

OMICRON strives for long-term cooperation with its customers. The basis for this is well-maintained master data and an overview of all relevant information, such as all purchased products or the software used.

Before the introduction of snapADDY DataQuality, a very complex and time-consuming process made the daily work of the sales staff more difficult. A large amount of data from external sources such as webinars, events, business cards and much more had to be transferred to the CRM. The generated data had to be manually compared with the existing data - contact and account - to avoid creating duplicates. This important task was either neglected or caused an enormous amount of maintenance work. The data quality fell by the wayside.

The automation of contact data capture and post-processing increases CRM data quality

To speed up the laborious process and bring CRM data quality to the fore, OMICRON was looking for a suitable tool that would enable a simple CRM connection.

The decision was quickly made in favor of snapADDY DataQuality. Robert Hawke: “We couldn't find an alternative provider who could implement what we had in mind! The snapADDY team was very open to our suggestions and requirements. Even in the first meetings, I noticed that the collaboration was very cooperative and that snapADDY was keen to drive the project forward.”

The standard solution was expanded in collaboration with Robert Hawke to include key automation features. The duplicate check, which searches for an existing contact or account, has been fully automated. If a duplicate is found, missing data is automatically added. This significantly reduces manual effort and automatically increases data quality in CRM. “The great thing is that we can customize the rules for the automation and the duplicate check is reliable.” Robert Hawke emphasizes that even with typing errors or a slightly changed address, the duplicate is still found.

“snapADDY worked with us to further develop the existing snapADDY DataQuality tool. We are extremely happy with the resulting solution. The collaboration was great, uncomplicated and the snapADDY team is top-notch! Your solution is truly unique!”

Robert Hawke, Business Process Manager

Saving time through automation

snapADDY DataQuality led to significant time savings in data maintenance at OMICRON. When importing 200 contacts, the check and assignment to the corresponding sales employee took around 40 minutes. The subsequent duplicate check and adjustment of the data records took a further 600 minutes. Over 11 hours, or 65% of the working time, was required for data maintenance. With the tool, the time could be reduced by more than 50 %! Not only snapADDY DataQuality, but also the lead app snapADDY VisitReport is in use at OMICRON. With this smart application, trade show leads are recorded on a smartphone or tablet in a matter of seconds and exported directly to the CRM. Robert Hawke is delighted: “snapADDY VisitReport has greatly improved the processing time. At events or trade shows, we needed days, sometimes even weeks, for the leads to reach the relevant sales manager. With the app, the leads reach the person responsible in less than 24 hours.” The tool not only supports the capture of leads, but also the automation of the follow-up process: all contact data and relevant information ends up in Microsoft Dynamics in a structured and clean way. With almost 2,300 trade show leads per year, this makes things much easier!

We are very grateful to Robert Hawke and the entire OMICRON team for the successful cooperation over the past and coming years.

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