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We could tell you much more about our great solutions. But you can only prove their authenticity by hearing from users about the advantages of snapADDY software. Here you will find success stories of our customers from different industries and with different needs.

Plasmatreat: Focus on digitalisation with the customer in mind

Successful digitalization process at Plasmatreat with the help of snapADDY's lead capture solution

The motto of Plasmatreat GmbH: Make customer focus the priority in the process of digitalization and changeover to new software technology. In order not only to efficiently record information and improve the customer experience but also to save time, the snapADDY VisitReport was implemented to accurately record the topics discussed at business meetings. With this innovative software, all meeting notes and visit reports together with the corresponding contact data can be easily and directly transferred into the CRM system of Plasmatreat GmbH. 

Founded in 1995 in Steinhagen near Bielefeld, Germany, Plasmatreat GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plasma devices providing its surface technology services worldwide. With more than 220 employees at 34 locations around the world, the company supports customers in almost all manufacturing industries. 

Headquarters of Plasmatreat GmbH in Steinhagen, Germany
Headquarters of Plasmatreat GmbH in Steinhagen. Germany

The digitalization process is more than just a technological investment for Plasmatreat:  

"It requires a new corporate culture and a clear customer focus. Digitalization denotes an adaptation of all processes: From development through sales and customer service to web-based media," says Christine Krenkel, Head of Marketing at Plasmatreat GmbH, to snapADDY. By doing so, Plasmatreat GmbH wants to focus on the customer's needs and to increase not only quality and efficiency but also flexibility and effectiveness. 

At first in this context, Salsesforce was used as the basis of improvement in CRM processes. 

"Our core values are focused on understanding our customers' production processes, developing application cases for the use of our plasma technology, and being able to replace existing production processes. In this way, the CRM system should provide standardized information from different sources to all participants and help to find the best project-specific solutions. 

“Where we used to have to involve a lot of staff, we can now save work and use our resources more efficiently. Therefore, the investment in snapADDY has paid off very quickly.”

Christine Krenkel, Head of Marketing der Plasmatreat GmbH

Time saving and error prevention through digitalization

This is where the snapADDY VisitReport comes in, not only to help reduce time needed to update data after customer meetings and trade shows, but to increase the its quality. This process has already been successfully implemented:   

"Before we integrated snapADDY into our processes, we needed an average of ten minutes to create a report, do the respective research and the subsequent processing of information. Now with snapADDY we were able to reduce this process to about two minutes.   

Having to spend a lot of time both typing notes and manually entering contact information on business cards is now a thing of the past. The integrated business card scanner in the snapADDY VisitReport is especially convincing because of the quality of its data: "snapADDY also captures foreign business cards without errors and contributes to better data quality. The direct and immediate data recording also helps to avoid errors," says Christine Krenkel. 

Easy implementation and high satisfaction with snapADDY

When implementing new software as a result of digitalization, colleague acceptance is a significant barrier to be considered. With the implementation of the snapADDY VisitReport, this barrier was quite small as: " In general, colleagues took the change very positively. A great example of this is the amount of positive feedback we received from all departments and international subsidiaries.   

At the moment, twenty active users are generating a few hundred visit reports worldwide depending on the amount of trade fair attendance, "so there are too many to process manually".  

Plasmatreat GmbH works with the Salesforce CRM system, for which snapADDY offers a direct interface. Thus, a simple login to the system is sufficient to complete the integration.  

With CRM Mapping, the individual fields of the CRM system were linked directly to the snapADDY VisitReport updating the information in the corresponding fields during data recording.

“We are very happy with snapADDY. Not only because it saves us valuable time, but also because of its flexibility, support, and immediate availability. They have always given us quick and positive feedback when we have had individual needs or required additional extensions.”

Exhibition stand of Plasmatreat GmbH at the productronica
Exhibition stand of Plasmatreat GmbH at the productronica

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