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We could tell you much more about our great solutions. But you can only prove their authenticity by hearing from users about the advantages of snapADDY software. Here you will find success stories of our customers from different industries and with different needs.

Mercateo: Innovation & User Experience first

Innovative lead management solution from snapADDY successfully deployed at Mercateo

Particularly in E-Commerce, good data quality is the basis for well-functioning lead management. However, if the information generated comes from various unstructured sources, achieving this objective can be very difficult. This inevitably results in inconsistent data, time wasted and unmotivated employees. Mercateo has managed to solve this problem using snapADDY, an innovative software that records contact data and enters it directly and automatically into the CRM system. 

As a digital company, it is also necessary to be digitalized

Mercateo is focused on having excellent customer relationship management. Founded in 1999, it has almost 500 employees at its three German locations in Munich, Köthen, and Leipzig, as well as in 13 other European countries. Besides, in 2016 the company achieved a turnover of 228 million Euros.  

Mercateo company headquarters in Köthen, Germany
Mercateo company headquarters in Köthen

This B2B expert knows how to take a strategic approach to digitalization. After all, it is not only proficient in E-procurement and E-commerce, but it also uses infrastructure for digital networking and processing it B2B on the Mercateo Unite platform. Process optimization through digitalization should not only be promoted to customers, but also within the company.   

Usually, contacts and information generated by the company through daily online activities or at events were transferred to the CRM by typing or "copying and pasting" data from other systems, from the company's own internal registration software or the order processing system.   

"For this reason, lead and contact creation was laborious and time-consuming, and as a result, the quantity and quality of data and implementation of our CRM were deficient," says Julia Weinhold, CRM Manager at Mercateo, in an interview with snapADDY. 

“With snapADDY we not only save significant work time without having to 'copy and paste', but we also efficiently and much faster record data from different sources such as email signatures and business cards.”

Julia Weinhold

Julia Weinhold, CRM Manager at Mercateo AG

A tool that automatically transfers data to the CRM system saves time and money

Mercateo became aware of snapADDY GmbH by looking for an innovative software that would meet the individual requirements of a technology company that has more than 1.3 million customers of all sizes. 

"During a workshop, a business partner showed us snapADDY and we were immediately amazed", that's how the profitable cooperation between Mercateo and snapADDY started.   

"We use snapADDY DataQuality mainly for researching and creating company and contact data on the web, in our systems, and Outlook. Besides, we use the well-known snapADDY business card scanner to quickly record data and take advantage of its functions. 

Mercateo is aware of the advantages of using snapADDY products and noticed its added value from the beginning.  

"Thanks to the time reduction in entering basic data such as names or contact details, there is more time left for the essential things: selling and contacting customers. Thus, snapADDY works for us as a kind of universal interface that goes beyond the limits of our internal system. 

User satisfaction increases the company's success

"We currently have 75 active users in the German-speaking and European area, and the number is growing! On our new network platforms and, our users even work from the two "fronts" in sales: on the buyer's side and the supplier's side. Also, our customer research team has learned to use snapADDY with enthusiasm because it has made their job easier.  

We estimate that all our users register around 800 contact details per month. The trend is general and definitely increasing thanks to the growing number of users. 

“It was not even necessary to take additional measures for connecting the two systems as snapADDY works automatically with SugarCRM.”

The snapADDY tools are easy to use and immediately usable

Mercateo works with the CRM system SugarCRM to which snapADDY has a direct API interface.   

Most companies integrate individual fields in their CRM system to add customer-specific data. By using snapADDY CRM-Mapping it is possible to synchronize them so that when information is recorded it is immediately mapped where it belongs.

A simple lead management process increases sales efficiency

"Now our users record contact data directly where they first find it: on the company website, Outlook mail or business cards. Besides, they have the possibility to complete information with just a couple of clicks and transfer it directly to the CRM."

“We are absolutely satisfied with snapADDY. The tools not only work easily and efficiently, but they are also enjoyable to work with. In case an error occurs or something does not work optimally, snapADDY is always available to support and solve the problem.”

Meeting at a Mercateo stand at a trade fair
Meeting at a Mercateo stand at a trade fair

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