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We could tell you much more about our great solutions. But you can only prove their authenticity by hearing from users about the advantages of snapADDY software. Here you will find success stories of our customers from different industries and with different needs.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: Increased CRM data quality takes the company to the next sales level

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is one of the leading global providers in the business communications sector. With 2,500 employees worldwide and 130 employees in Germany, the company provides technical and customized services. Its network, communications, and cloud solutions aim to connect people, machines, and processes while creating a more lasting business future.

With 30 years of sales experience and almost 25 years with the company, Dr. Jörg Fischer focuses on the continuous development of sales processes. His role is Sales Excellence and Sales Enablement for all international sales teams of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise office
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise office

The challenge in everyday sales

Communication is essential for optimal customer and partner support. However, this can only be achieved by having up-to-date contact information to contact the right person in the right position. In today's highly dynamic world, customer and partner data constantly change. This makes accuracy and data quality a lifetime challenge in sales. With more than half a million company records and an average of five contact records per company, establishing and ensuring data quality is a key challenge for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Before implementing snapADDY DataQuality, capturing and maintaining data was done manually and mostly by the sales staff themselves. The time required for these tasks was enormous and took away from valuable time spent with customers and partners.

Contact data capture automation

The implementation of the new organizational unit Backoffice and Sales Support solved the problem. The goal was to provide the team of more than 50 people with the skills and tools to handle administrative tasks for sales staff worldwide and to establish a high level of data quality.

After a selection process for a tool to efficiently and effectively capture and maintain company and contact data, the decision fell on snapADDY DataQuality. The tool usability and the German-based company's willingness and ability to respond to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's wishes and ideas were convincing.

“The main reason for implementing snapADDY DataQuality was snapADDY's open-mindedness and competence. We could approach the team with all our questions and requirements. They welcomed our wishes openly and implemented them with a high degree of creativity.”

Dr. Jörg Fischer - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Dr. Jörg Fischer, Sales Transformation, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

It was possible to achieve a key milestone with the implementation: high data quality in the Salesforce CRM system. Capturing and correcting company and contact data, and researching potential contacts was significantly simplified and accelerated.

“It is great that snapADDY DataQuality is directly integrated into the CRM for capturing and correcting contact data. This makes the tool extremely flexible and highly efficient.”

Thanks to the automated capture, validation, and enrichment of company and contact data, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise could achieve one of its major business goals. The database is significantly improved and more accurate. Partner data is up to date. For each customer, there is at least one complete and up-to-date contact record. This makes the work easier for customer and partner account managers and marketing for focusing even more campaigns. Above all, it saves a lot of valuable sales time.

Increase user acceptance of digital tools

Any tool is only as good as its users: A professional tool needs a user with the corresponding skills. Above all, it motivates employees when they experience and recognize the benefits of a tool: With high-quality and complete contact data, a CRM system can be used much more efficiently and effectively for its actual purpose – relationship management.
With snapADDY DataQuality, it takes no time at all, with just one click, to transfer the found and updated company and contact data directly into the CRM.

“Not only the tool usability convinced us, but also the support of the entire snapADDY team. They were ready to show and explain snapADDY DataQuality live. We were thus able to build a team of specialists who train their colleagues and are the first point of contact for questions and support.”

Strategic vision for further sales process optimization

With snapADDY DataQuality, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has already achieved a milestone in the digitalization and automation of contact data capture. In a project supported by snapADDY, the company intends to go one step further with planned mass validation and classification of company and contact data. snapADDY is looking forward to this project and further successful cooperation!

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