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Business cards – valuable sources of information in the business world

After a successful customer meeting at an event or a business dinner, many employees accumulate business cards on their desks. Afterward, either additional time must be spent typing all the contact data into the smartphone or the cards disappear to the bottom of a drawer. As a result, the potential is wasted.

At the moment, business cards are still piling up among the staff after successful customer events.

Although the captured contact data is useful on the smartphone, it is also important to transfer it to the CRM system, as long as the contact or the company has not yet been created. In this way, the relationship with the customer or prospect can be recorded and accessible to all colleagues. By not having to enter the data again, you can focus on what really matters: Your customers.

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Why capturing business cards with snapADDY BusinessCards?

snapADDY CardScanner has the best recognition quality of business cards. Smartphone with snapADDY CardScanner in hand and business card in the background.

Digitally capturing contact data

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the business card scanner with the world's best recognition quality recognizes contact data in just a fraction of a second. New contacts can be saved directly on the smartphone and exported to the CRM system.
The contact details in the app make it possible to get in touch with customers quickly.

Direct contact from the application

Once you have scanned the contact data, you can call or email your new contact directly from the application. No need to copy a phone number or email and no need to switch applications.
snapADDY CardScanner has an automatic duplicate check.

Automatic duplicate verification in CRM

Once the application is connected to your CRM system, a duplicate check is automatically performed before each export. A traffic light system will show you in real-time if the company, contact, or lead already exists in your CRM system.

Is snapADDY BusinessCards worth the investment?

snapADDY BusinessCards – Test winner for business card scanner apps

With snapADDY BusinessCards, the business card scanner with the world's best recognition quality, you will need less than one minute to scan ten business cards. The application is available free of charge and without sign-up. Moreover, it offers a great additional option: for only 5€ per month, all scanned data can be exported to your CRM system easily and neatly. From now on, entering contact data will be a thing of the past!

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Next steps with snapADDY BusinessCards

Graphic from smartphone with snapADDY CardScanner in hand.

Install snapADDY CardScanner application and scan the first business card.

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Connect snapADDY CardScanner to the CRM system, create a trial account or buy a package directly.


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Use cases for a business card scanner

Person scans business cards with the snapADDY CardScanner app.
Do you need to quickly scan business cards anywhere? With snapADDY CardScanner it's easy.
Woman holding a tablet with snapADDY VisitReport for a digital leader capture at trade fair.
Digitally capture leads at trade fairs easily: with snapADDY VisitReport, all contact data and meeting details can be captured in one application.
Depiction of a sales representative using snapADDY VisitReport to create product configurations & digital visit reports on site.
With snapADDY VisitReport, field service staff can set up products with customers directly on-site and digitally record visit reports.

You will never have to type business card data again!

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