I want to transfer business cards with my smartphone to my CRM without manual data entry

Scan business cards

You attend a lot of exhibitions and conferences and exchange business card quite often? snapADDY Business Card Scanner for iOS and Android supports you by transferring the data from your collected business cards to your specific CRM. This workflow saves you a lot of time in the aftermath of a trade fair. Scan your newly collected business cards and boost your productivity, e.g. during boring presentations!

Step 1

Download snapADDY Business Card Scanner

Visit the Play Store (Android) or the AppStore (iOS) and download the snapADDY Business Card Scanner. After installing, please open the app.

snapaddy usecase: scan business cards
Step 2

Scan your business cards!

Tap “Scan a business card” and make a photo of of a business card with your app. Crop the picture to the size of your business card and approve your selection. The contact data from the business card will now be identified and processed. A short confirmation message is shown, stating that the import was succesful. You can continue with the next card immediately!

snapaddy usecase: scan business card
Step 3

View the results in snapADDY Grabber

If you’ve scanned all business cards or the exhibtion has ended and you’ve returned to your workplace, open snapADDY Grabber. All scanned contacts will be loaded into snapADDY Grabber. If you want to identify only your scanned cards, you can click the business card icon in the top navigation bar.

snapaddy usecase: show results
Step 4

Export the results to your CRM

As a last step, you can automatically transfer the collected data as a lead or contact to your respective CRM system. Therefore, you have to connect snapADDY to your CRM only once. In this example we use Salesforce, but snapADDY offers many other CRM integrations. In order to export the contacts, you have to click the icon of your CRM and transfer the data as a lead or as a new contact. The contact data record is now available in your CRM.

snapaddy usecase: export in your crm

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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