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With snapADDY DataQuality you automatically increase the data quality of your CRM while investing in a solid foundation for your company.

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Contact data is the foundation of your CRM system

Have you finally built your dream house, but the foundation lacks stability due to wrong materials or execution? Then you need to repair it instead of continuing to build new walls over it. The same happens in companies: the foundation – the contact data in the CRM – is often incorrect or incomplete. However, correct contact data is the basis for all sales activities, processes, and data-based decisions!

Too many cooks spoil the broth. In the case of CRM systems, this well-known saying can be applied to staff members that can create and modify contact data. Sometimes, there is simply not enough time for accurate data maintenance resulting in data gaps, duplicated attachments, or typing errors. We cannot continue to build on this foundation. That is why it has to be optimized.

Not every employee likes CRM systems: Komplex processes, insufficient training, or unclear user interfaces do not exactly increase an employee's motivation. However, many processes and sales and marketing activities are based precisely on the foundation of contact data. So, if the CRM is not maintained regularly, data gaps occur and could cause the collapse of a marketing automation system.

Data recording tools:
How to increase data quality in your CRM

Recording contact data digitally

Provide your sales team with a tool! snapADDY DataQuality automatically recognizes and reads all kinds of contact data: Email signatures, business cards, websites, or company data on Google Maps. Manual typing is no longer necessary: you save valuable work time and avoid typing errors.

Updating the CRM system automatically

snapADDY DataQuality detects contact data changes, e.g. in email signatures or on LinkedIn and XING, and automatically updates your CRM system. As a result, every contact data change no longer goes unnoticed and your CRM system is always up to date.

Avoiding duplicates

Thanks to a traffic light system, it is automatically displayed in real-time whether the company, contact, or lead already exists in your CRM system. Gaps in existing contacts are highlighted and closed.

Setting standardized formatting

With snapADDY DataQuality, you can define standardized formatting for contact data, for example, for the telephone number. In this way, the CRM system is better structured, and a reliable process is created for your employees.

Enriching contact data automatically

Missing contact data such as e-mail addresses, job positions, or telephone numbers are completed with snapADDY DataQuality.

Cleaning up CRM system

Is your CRM system already data chaos? snapADDY supports you with Data Cleansing for automatically updating, enriching, and processing large amounts of data in your CRM system.

Is it worth investing in snapADDY DataQuality?

per month
per user
from 25 users

10 hrs invested in contact data maintenance so far - 5 hrs invested with snapADDY

= 5 hrs time-saving x 29 € hourly wage

= 145 € - 12 € investment

= 133 € savings per month

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Acceptance of the CRM system
  • Duplicate check
  • GDPR compliant
  • All contact data structured in the CRM system

With snapADDY DataQuality you save valuable working time and money!

According to HubSpot, 45% of sales reps spend more than an hour per day on manual data maintenance. Our calculation is based on half an hour daily for recording contact data.

We wanted to find out how much time you save with snapADDY DataQuality and came to an exciting conclusion: Without snapADDY DataQuality, it took us 26 minutes to completely record five contacts in the CRM, and with snapADDY DataQuality, only 13 minutes. Thus, the time required was reduced by half!

Therefore, you not only increase the data quality in your CRM system but also save money and valuable working time in contact data maintenance. As a result, sales staff can finally concentrate on selling again.

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Next steps with snapADDY DataQuality

You contact our sales team to clarify possible special cases, such as customized CRM fields, so that the export to your CRM system works correctly.


We schedule an appointment with your IT security and data protection representatives to ensure that we can get started in compliance with the GDPR.


You buy the package that best suits your company.

We arrange a kick-off meeting with your key users and organize individual training sessions to quickly implement the software in your company.

You use snapADDY DataQuality and thereby automatically increase the data quality in your CRM system!

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