Find B2B contacts and save them in CRM

Transfer LinkedIn contacts: With one click, transfer contact data from a LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator to your CRM.

Find contact persons: With snapADDY DataQuality, you can find new contacts or update current records in a targeted manner.

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In B2B sales, the right contact persons are key

Identify the right contact persons in the company

To succeed with cold calling, it is essential to perform a careful search for the right contact person. In this way, the sales representative can get in touch with the right person and immediately start the sales process.

Record the contacts and decision-makers available on LinkedIn or XING in the CRM system

The popularity of social networks is also useful for day-to-day sales. Networking with decision-makers and customers takes place every day, but transferring the data to the CRM system is often very time-consuming and slow if it has to be done manually.

Display of a LinkedIn & Xing list with contacts on it

Update LinkedIn Sales Navigator or XING ProBusiness

Does your sales team already have the "Social Selling" tools of social media and effectively contact potential contacts? Now is the time to record this contact data in the CRM with a single click without creating duplicates.

Various people from LinkedIn to see.

Automatic contact person search and record with
snapADDY DataQuality

Smartphone display with filter options through SnapADDY DataQuality to facilitate contact search

Search for the right contact persons

In snapADDY DataQuality, it is possible to use filters to search for the right contact persons as required. The personal data found can be automatically saved in the CRM system.

Update by snapADDY DataQuality old contact information

Update of old contact information

Over time, contact persons change employers or positions in the company. With snapADDY DataQuality, outdated contact data can be automatically updated. Thanks to innovative social network updates, the sales team is automatically notified of any changes and can take advantage of new business opportunities.

Mail and Headseticon. Represents potential further contact information.

Head office and e-mail addresses

Data enrichment in DataQuality can be used to add helpful additional information about the company or direct e-mail addresses and telephone numbers to the data records as well as personal data from the business networks. In this way, the sales team receives all summarized information from one place.

Is it worth investing in snapADDY DataQuality?

per month
per user
from 25 users

10 hours needed to update contact data so far - 5 hours saved with snapADDY

= 5 h. of time saved x 29€ hourly wage

= 145€ - 12€ investment

= 133€ savings per month

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Acceptance of the CRM system
  • Duplicate control
  • In compliance with GDPR
  • All contact data stored in the CRM system

snapADDY DataQuality – The value of data quality in sales

According to HubSpot, 45% of the sales team spends more than one hour a day on manual data maintenance. We calculated half an hour a day to enter contact data.

We wanted to find out how much time is saved with snapADDY DataQuality and came to a stunning conclusion: Without snapADDY DataQuality, it took 26 minutes to enter five contacts in the CRM, and with snapADDY DataQuality, only 13 minutes. This means that the time required was reduced by half.

You not only increase the quality of the data in your CRM system but also save money and valuable work time in maintaining contact data. The sales team can then get back to sales.

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Next steps with snapADDY DataQuality

You contact our sales team to clarify possible special cases, such as customized CRM fields, so that the export to your CRM system works correctly.


We schedule an appointment with your IT security and data protection representatives to ensure that we can get started in compliance with the GDPR.


You buy the package that best suits your company.

We arrange a kick-off meeting with your key users and organize individual training sessions to quickly implement the software in your company.

You use snapADDY DataQuality and thereby automatically increase the data quality in your CRM system!

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