I know which companies I would like to address, but I need to find the right contact persons

Find contact persons

You have a list with companies of a certain industry that you would like to win as new customers? snapADDY DataQuality suggests relevant contact persons within a company or department. You can easily use this data for targeted e-mail or marketing campaigns.* snapADDY enables you to find the right contact person in less than a minute.

Step 1

Capture company data from a contact page

Open the contact page of the company website from which you would like to transfer the contact data to your CRM. Highlight the appropriate text and press the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + C + C " or click "Grab contact data" in the context menu. The recognized data is now displayed as a new contact in snapADDY DataQuality.

snapaddy usecase: extract company data
Step 2

Find a contact person within a certain department

Login to your LinkedIn and/or Xing account and click the  icon in the contact bar. The contact search finder opens and by using different filters, you can filter your contact persons by their operational functions in the company. Select one of them.

snapaddy usecase: contact person search filter
Step 3

Capture a contact from the search results

snapADDY DataQuality suggests different contact persons based on your selected operational function in the company. Select a matching profile and transfer its data by clicking "Grab". The contact person’s data is then added to the existing master data in DataQuality.

snapADDY usecase: grab contact person
Step 4

Add e-mail addresses with the Finder

If your data set only contains a general e-mail address for your contact person, snapADDY enables you to search for their personal e-mail address. By clicking the "Find e-mail" button, DataQuality suggests matching e-mail addresses based on a recognized pattern. If the found e-mail address fits the other contact data, you can add it by clicking “Select”. *

snapaddy usecase: find email
Step 5

Export the results to your CRM

As a last step you can automatically transfer the collected data as a lead or contact to your respective CRM system. Therefore, you have to connect snapADDY to your CRM only once. In this example we use Salesforce, but snapADDY offers many other CRM integrations. In order to export the contacs you have to click the icon of your CRM and transfer the data as a lead or as a new contact. The contact data record is now available in your CRM

snapaddy usecase: export lead

* Please comply to local laws and regulations regarding the delivery of commercial e-mails

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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