Duplicate check – how to keep order in your CRM system!


Duplicate records, duplicate work

Many CRM systems include duplicate checks, but these are usually inadequate. Is it useful to have an integrated duplicate check if these are not detected, eliminated, or avoided? Then, all contact data must still be checked manually because double data records lead to chaos in the CRM system and do not increase a user's motivation!

Many internal processes require correct contact data. For example: in sales, sales employees prefer not to waste their valuable time and contact the right person right away with the current contact information. Or in marketing, the marketing automation is based on correct contact data so that leads are not accidentally contacted twice. In case this happens, it will certainly not leave a good impression if a potential customer gets the same email several times.

More and more companies make decisions based on data of potential and existing customers stored in the CRM system or a marketing automation software. Lead nurturing, accurate scoring, and providing prospects with the right information at the right time are key factors here. Many companies are disillusioned after the initial euphoria. Data is duplicated and, in the worst case, decisions are made based on this duplicated data. In the end, you do not achieve the expected result: sales or customers are lost.

How to keep order in your CRM system

Automatic duplicate check

snapADDY DataQuality is the perfect complement for your CRM system. As an add-on for common systems or add-in for Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or SAP Sales Cloud, the smart application uses AI to recognize phonetic similarities or commonalities between data records. The duplicate check is customizable according to your search and evaluation criteria as well as user-defined entities.

Match leads with contacts

The integrated duplicate check not only alerts you to potential duplicates but also lets you eliminate existing duplicates by matching new leads with existing leads or contacts or adding them to an account as a new contact.

Avoid new duplicates

A traffic light system automatically shows in real-time whether the company, contact, or lead already exists in your CRM system. Gaps in existing contacts are identified and closed.

Is it worth investing in snapADDY DataQuality?

snapADDY DataQuality – the data quality booster for your CRM system!

According to some studies, well-maintained CRM systems contain between 4% and 10% duplicates, while poorly maintained ones contain up to 30%! By avoiding duplicate records, you reduce the costs of marketing campaigns, since potential customers are no longer contacted twice. Sales managers have more time for their sales activities and all your future decisions are based on correct data again. Keep your CRM system in order from now on!

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