Capture contact data from email signatures

On average, your employees receive up to 20
business emails per day

Email – the number one means of communication

Did you know that each employee receives an average of 20 emails per day? This is why email is still the most used means of communication among working professionals. According to McKinsey & Company, the sales team spends about 28% of its working week dealing with emails.

Person sits in front of a monitor with new emails

Valuable data that remains untouched in employee inboxes

Unfortunately, contact data from email signatures is often not used or transferred to the CRM system but is stored only in the employee's inbox. If employees are on vacation or no longer work for the company, contact data is often lost. If the contact data is not stored in the CRM system, sales opportunities may be lost or the response time to customer inquiries may increase considerably.

Email signatures are good data sources for contact information

Automatic recognition and comparison with the data
in your CRM system

Link mail accounts with snapADDY DataQuality and contact data is automatically checked.

Connection to the email inbox

The contact data of all incoming emails are automatically checked by connecting to your Office 365 or IMAP mailbox. This means that no new contact data or changes to existing contacts will be lost.

snapADDY DataQuality Outlook Add-In

Outlook add-in

The Outlook add-in is available for snapADDY DataQuality to interactively contact data from email signatures in case no automatic read of inboxes is set up.

Traffic light graphic indicates duplicates in the CRM system.

Creating new records or updating existing ones

Before transferring contact data, a traffic light system automatically checks in real-time whether the lead, contact, or company already exists in the CRM system. The duplicate check recognizes differences and transfers them to the corresponding field: For example, you can look up changes in phone numbers or job titles.

Is it worth investing in snapADDY DataQuality?

snapADDY DataQuality - The value of data quality in sales

If each employee receives approximately 20 emails per day, 100 employees dealing with customers, and 22 working days per month, then 44,000 emails per month would need to be processed. Assuming a processing time of one minute per email, this would require 733 hours per month or about 4,5 full-time employees per month! This is something that few companies can manage and therefore the data is often left unused.


With snapADDY DataQuality, the contact data of incoming emails can be checked automatically. Existing contact data can be updated in the CRM system or new data records can be created with a single click. Before data is transferred to the CRM system, an automatic check is performed to determine whether a contact, lead, or account already exists.


From now on, all contact data is recorded in the CRM system in a complete, up-to-date, and structured way. You can save valuable work time and focus on what really matters.

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How can I save email signature contacts in my CRM system?

Desktop graphic with snapADDY logo with many arrows with logos from the common CRM systems.

Standard integrations in all common CRM systems

With our CRM integrations, you can directly save email contact data in your CRM system without any typing. snapADDY offers integrations for the most common CRM systems. snapADDY DataQuality is even integrated directly into the interface for the CRM providers Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Sales Cloud, and Salesforce.

snapADDY logo with API lettering

API for third-party systems

With the snapADDY API, you can also connect other IT systems with snapADDY DataQuality for which we do not yet offer our own integration. This system is practical for individual solutions and stand-alone CRM systems.

Cloud with different icons wildly linked via person to different app logos like LinkedIn, Xing.... networked.

Data service in the Data Cleansing project

When manual data maintenance processes come to their limits or there is already a lack of control in the CRM, our Data Cleansing service comes into play. We help you to automatically update, enrich and process huge amounts of data in your CRM regarding your project.

Next steps with snapADDY DataQuality

You contact our sales team to clarify possible special cases, such as customized CRM fields, so that the export to your CRM system works correctly.


We schedule an appointment with your IT security and data protection representatives to ensure that we can get started in compliance with the GDPR.


You buy the package that best suits your company.

We arrange a kick-off meeting with your key users and organize individual training sessions to quickly implement the software in your company.

You use snapADDY DataQuality and thereby automatically increase the data quality in your CRM system!

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