I have contact data in my e-mails that I would like to transfer to my CRM without any typing effort

Capture data from e-mail signatures

Many e-mails contain signatures with detailed contact data. Wouldn’t it be comfortable to transfer these data to your CRM system automatically? snapADDY DataQuality enables you to capture contact data from e-mail signatures without any typing*. You can transfer a complete contact data set to your CRM in under 30 seconds. This will save you a lot of time in your lead research and your contact data maintainance.

Step 1.1

Capture an e-mail signature from Outlook

Open Outlook and highlight a complete e-mail signature. Press the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + C + C” or click the green snapADDY crocodile icon in the Ribbon. The recognized data will now be shown as a new contact in snapADDY DataQuality. This workflow is specific to our snapADDY DataQuality Outlook Add-In, but you can also capture signatures with one of our browser extensions.

snapaddy usecase: extract email contact information
Step 1.2

Capture an e-mail signature from another e-mail client or document

Highlight an e-mail signature or contact details in your e-mail client or in a document (e.g. PDF). Copy the highlighted text and paste it into the designated input field in snapADDY DataQuality. The pasted text will immediately be processed as a new contact in the list.

snapaddy usecase: extract email contact information
Step 2

Add a picture to a contact

Click on the “pencil” icon at the bottom in the placeholder image for a contact. A window opens in which you can access a google image search. Wait a few seconds until “Please select image” appears at the top of the website. Click on an image in order to transfer it to the respective contact in snapADDY DataQuality.

snapaddy usecase: attach photo
Step 3

Export the results to your CRM

As a last step you can automatically transfer the collected data as a lead or contact to your respective CRM system. Therefore, you have to connect snapADDY to your CRM only once. In this example we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but snapADDY offers many other CRM integrations. In order to export the contacs you have to click the icon of your CRM and transfer the data as a lead or as a new contact. The contact data record is now available in your CRM.

snapaddy usecase: export to your CRM
* Please comply to local laws and regulations regarding the delivery of commercial e-mails

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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