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Put an end to paper chaos: Switch to digital visit reports now with a field sales app!

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3 good reasons to use a field sales app

Visit reports recorded on paper get lost

With a field sales app, your employees record visit reports digitally – without having to use a pen and paper. As a result, no more data or relevant information gets lost and is always available in your CRM system.

Notes fly out of the moving car window of an employee

The productivity of your sales team is measurable

You always get an overview of all upcoming customer appointments of your sales representatives and can easily check their capacities as well as the customers' sales potential. If necessary, you can quickly take action and assign or adjust priorities.

Bar chart with staff icons to show field productivity

No more unanswered questions during a meeting

Your employees not only use a digital sales call guide, but they can also use the app to directly introduce product videos and digital catalogs. Heavy product catalogs and different media in sales talks were yesterday - Guided Selling is today!

Two people are talking and the employee can show a product video directly to the other person with snapADDY on the tablet.

Monthly investments vs. Monthly savings

per month
per user
from 25 users

10 min manual follow-up per report x 40 customer appointments

= 6.66 hrs time savings x 23€ hourly wage

= 153,18€ - 12€ Investment

= 141,18€ savings per month

With snapADDY VisitReport, you save valuable working time and money!

Our calculation is based on two customer appointments per day and the average hourly wage of a sales representative: Your savings may be even higher! Assuming 25 sales representatives, you even save around 42,000 € per year!

Cost examples for maintenance & inspection and meter reading service may vary.

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Next steps with snapADDY VisitReport

The app for your field sales

Creating a digital template for field sales visits in the dashboard

Graphic from smartphone with snapADDY CardScanner in hand.

Installing the snapADDY VisitReport app and creating the first visit report

Laptop screen showing a connection with CRM system

Connecting snapADDY VisitReport to CRM system (optional)


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Use cases of a field sales app

Man in suit and green briefcase.

Field Sales

With snapADDY VisitReport, your sales representatives can directly set up products with customers on site and digitally record visit reports.

Woman with toolbox and spanner in hand

Maintenance & Inspection

snapADDY VisitReport supports maintenance & inspections with a digital log. Pictures can be created and saved directly from the app if required.

Woman with orange cap and snapADDY clipboard in front of a counter.

Meter Reading Service

With snapADDY VisitReport, your field staff always get an overview of all upcoming appointments and meter readings during each service.

This is what snapADDY VisitReport provides


  • Configurable questionnaires
    With the smart application for field sales, you can create customized questionnaires and, if required, add a signature field.

  • CRM-Integration
    The CRM integration saves you another work step. You do not need to initially export the data as a file and then import it again because the recorded data is transferred directly to your CRM system.

  • Direct access to CRM inventory data
    Thanks to this app, you have direct access to your CRM inventory data. In case the contact is not yet available in your CRM system, you can quickly and easily scan the business card or QR code of the person you are talking to.

  • Coordination of appointments
    Create meetings with just a few clicks.

  • Appointment overview directly in the app
    You do not even have to look at your Outlook calendar anymore! In the app, you can see all upcoming appointments at a glance and can already prepare the related visit report for the next appointment.

  • Automated sending of follow-up & feedback emails
    Automatically send individual follow-up or feedback emails directly after your meeting! As a result, nothing will be overlooked.

  • Offline mode
    The field sales app is always at hand and ready to use – even in places with inadequate or no Internet connection!