I would like to automatically capture expo leads on site and store them directly in my CRM system

capture leads on the go with snapADDY VisitReport

Capture expo leads digitally

Are you looking for a simple and integrated solution for your lead management at trade fairs? With snapADDY VisitReport, you get an all-in-one solution for capturing digital contacts and their communication on the go. The setup on mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones is simple and intuitive. The direct connection to your CRM system enables an immediate follow-up, already at the trade fair! It's the convenient way to record visitors directly and automatically and to process your trade fair visitors within minutes in the CRM system.

Before the trade fair: Configure your visit reports

Before the trade fair even begins, you can create the visit report templates conveniently in the snapADDY Dashboard on your PC. A separate questionnaire can and should be defined individually for each trade fair you are going to visit - you can choose from a large number of different question types (single selection, multiple selection, text, date, etc.) so that exactly the information that is relevant for your sales success can be recorded later in your CRM system. You can also customize the design of the visit reports in the app to match your company branding - all you have to do is upload your company logo and set the color scheme in the app. If you want to add more fields or remodel the questionnaire, the admin can do this easily in the dashboard. The local sales representatives on the fair only need to download the new questionnaire and can use it right away.

snapADDY VisitReport: configure templates

Before the trade fair: Install the app

In order to prepare for the trade fair, your employees who will fill in the visit reports at the booth have to install the snapADDY VisitReport App on their mobile devices. It doesn't matter whether you work with Android, iOS or Windows operating systems. This means that (almost) every smartphone or tablet can be used for capturing conversations at the trade fair. Besides that, your branded app leaves a professional impression on the visitor. Once your team has installed the app, everyone has to log in with their account data and download the template for the respective trade fair once.

snapADDY VisiReport: different clients

At the trade fair: Fill out the visit reports in conversation

At the trade fair, the previously configured questionnaire can be accessed by the employees on site and filled in during a conversation with the prospect/customer. On the one hand, the predefined questionnaire serves as a guideline for the conversation with an interested lead, on the other hand the entered information is used to digitize the contents of the conversation. In the app you can capture sketches, as well as notes or attachments so that you can gather all information digitally. Using that workflow, you have digitally recorded all the data of the conversation - you save yourself a lot of paperwork!

snapADDY VisitReport: fill in the reports

At the trade fair: Scan business card & upload report

Once all information about the conversation has been entered, the contact data of the customer or prospect can now be digitally recorded. All you have to do is to take a photo of the business card of the person you are talking with via the app. The snapADDY algorithm extracts and recognizes the contact information and links it to the completed visit report. Once the visit report is completed, the sales representative uploads the report to the snapADDY VisitReport Dashboard with one click. In the backend, the visit reports can now be overlooked, supplemented and then exported directly to your CRM system. The administrator's previous CRM mapping during configuration enables you to transfer all values from the visit report directly to the individual fields in your own CRM system. This makes it very easy to select different criteria later on.

snapADDY VisitReport: scan business cards

After the trade fair: Analyzing statistics

A trade fair can be a large financial investment for your company, so it is important that the results are transparent and comparable. For this purpose, you can find an overview of the conversation-performance within the trade fair. In the VisitReport Dashboard you can display for example which employee has filled out and uploaded how many reports. In addition, you can identify your most potential days and times at the trade fair and thus strategically classify your trade fair activities and plan your resources for the future in a sustainable manner.

snapADDY VisitReport: Measure success

Important facts about snapADDY VisitReport

At a glance: This is how you benefit from snapADDY VisitReport at your next trade fair:

  • Offline Availability
  • Central processing of visit reports & trade fair contacts of different countries
  • Change the language of the visit report with one click (DE, EN)
  • Direct connection to many CRM systems: Salesforce, etc.
  • Significantly faster and more efficient than traditional paper-based visit reports

Your new workflow: Capture expo leads with snapADDY


Your employees capture visit reports from prospects

The captured leads are being reviewed centrally

Transfer of the captured visit reports in your CRM system

Direct approach of your targeted leads via mail*

* Please comply to local laws and regulations regarding the delivery of commercial e-mails

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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