I would like to automatically capture expo leads on site and store them directly in my CRM system

Capture expo leads with snapADDY

Capture expo leads

Are you looking for a simple and comprehensive solution for your lead management at trade fairs? With snapADDY, you get an all-in-one solution for contacts and capturing leads. A simple and intuitive setup with direct connection to your CRM system! The convenient way to automatically record visitors at your trade fair booth and transfer their contact details within minutes in your CRM system.

Capture contact data from business cards with your smartphone or tablet

Usually you receive a business card from your trade fair visitors in your first approach. These are being captured and scanned using the snapADDY Business Card Scanner. Manual work gets unnecessary by precise OCR recognition and a direct digitalization of your expo leads. Compared to other providers, we also offer our customers a live verification of the recognized data by comparing it to the company's imprint and XING or LinkedIn profiles. Thus recognition errors are directly corrected and the addresses further specified. The app is available for iOS & Android and can be set up in minutes on both mobilephones and tablets. With snapADDY, you can capture expo leads simply and easily.

Download snapADDY Business Card Scanner app

Bye, Bye fair protocol - capture your sales talk directly in your CRM

Paper based fair protocols can be completely replaced with snapADDY. And that's not only good for the environment, but for your nerves too! After a trade fair, the sheets have to be captured manually and transferred into the CRM system. By a direct integration to the most common CRM systems, your call notices and queries can be transfered directly into the correct fields of your specific CRM system. For this purpose, we capture your individual forms directly at your booth via our app.

Link the business card scanner to the snapADDY Grabber

Intuitive use - easy and fast

The snapADDY software is very intuitive and simple. Your employees simply take a picture of the collected business cards and do not have to do anything in the background. Salespeople do not have to worry about the background processes and do not need any training. The Business Card Scanner app has no unnecessary and complicated functions. An employee at your company's headquarter controls all incoming data and is able to organize them. Your sales department does not waste time on unnecessary processes when apturing leads!

Visitenkarten scannen!

Important facts about snapADDY

At a glance: This is how you benefit from snapADDY at your next trade fair:

  • Offline Availability
  • Central processing of any expo leads
  • Various languages & countries
  • Direct link to many CRM systems: Salesforce, etc
  • Simple and intuitive

Your new workflow: Capture expo leads with snapADDY

Your employes scan business cards from prospects at your booth

The captured leads are being reviewed and organized centrally.

Transfer of the captured lead in your CRM system

Direct approach of your targeted leads via mail

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.