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Digital business cards and business card scanner for companies

snapADDY BusinessCards Pro turns every contact into an immediate business opportunity and gives your company a boost in digitization and sustainability.

Smooth contact data management

Whether you are changing data or hiring new employees, you can quickly update employee information without the hassle of printing, centralized administration, and roll-out via clear web access.

Generate leads and get them into your CRM

Using the world's best scanning technology, our app lets you capture new contacts in seconds and send clean, quality-assured data to your CRM at the touch of a button.  

A Win for your sustainability strategy

Switching to digital business cards contributes to your CSR and sustainability strategy –
 here you can calculate how much you can reduce your CO₂ footprint.

Your data in GDPR-compliant hands

Your data is processed in compliance with the GDPR and hosted in Germany according to ISO 27001. Thanks to Privacy by Design, TOM and AV contract, you are safe with us.  

The digital business card for the entire company

Say goodbye to the disparate, siloed solutions that the digital "first movers" in your in your company may already be using. BusinessCards gives you a consistent look and feel, centralized management, and the creative freedom your business needs.   

Scan leads and seamlessly send to CRM or Outlook

We are proud to say that our world-class scanning technology converts business cards into digital data with up to 99.5% accuracy - in over 45 languages and fonts. This data can then be exported to Outlook or a connected CRM system at the touch of a button - including automated data mapping.

 See the Business Card Scanner in action


From contact initiation to sales opportunity

snapADDY BusinessCards sends contact data directly to these CRM systems.

Easy going: company-wide central administration
of digital business cards with just a few clicks

  • Central card management

    snapADDY BusinessCards offers companies a centralized solution for managing digital business cards.

    • Exclusive access to card management for administrators
    • Effortless creation and design of digital business cards for all employees
    • Uniform and professional business card presence
  • Full overview and control

    Keep track of all your organization's digital business cards in the card list.

    • Display of all business cards of your organization
    • Multiple editing rights: managed and unmanaged cards that can be filled individually
    • Highest transparency and efficiency for your team
  • Create new cards and edit them easily

    Create and edit digital business cards for your users fast and easily via browser access.

    • Central creation of new maps with just a few clicks
    • Customized editing options for individual cards can be configured for employees
    • Easy download and upload of Excel files for updates and mass changes
  • A consistent image for your company

    Define consistent content and design for all digital business cards in your company.

    • Definition of a color palette and selection of graphics
    • Pre- fill, restrict or hide text fields
    • Application of “guidelines” to new and existing cards – everything is up to date with one click
  • Notify users

    Inform your users quickly and easily about their new digital business card.

    • Send e-mail notifications to users
    • Emails include all the information for saving the business card in Apple or Google Wallet

On request: NFC business cards

With our NFC-enabled business cards made from sustainable bamboo or plastic, you can continue to celebrate the handing of business cards and still easily share your information digitally with your counterpart's smartphone.   

How digital business cards make your company more sustainable

Would you have thought that printed business cards would generate so much CO₂ and waste? In our calculation, we assume 200 business cards per year and employee, 65 of which are not used. The CO₂ footprint of snapADDY BusinessCards is generated by the server operation.

Paper cards

The amount of paper used during the production process including waste.
Paper consumption
0.00 kg
Average number of trees processed to produce paper.
Trees cut down
Total amount of CO₂ footprint generated by production and logistics.
CO2 emitted
0.00 kg
Typically 200 cards are ordered per employee – but many of these remain unused due to job change, promotion or loss.
Discarded cards

snapADDY BusinessCards

The amount of paper used during the production process including waste.
Paper consumption
0.00 kg
Average number of trees processed to produce paper.
Trees cut down
Total amount of CO₂ footprint generated by production and logistics.
CO2 emitted
0.00 kg
Typically 200 cards are ordered per employee – but many of these remain unused due to job change, promotion or loss.
Discarded cards

Digital business card vs. paper business card


Employees can share their contact details and important information with business partners in seconds using snapADDY BusinessCards.


No matter whether you are promoting or hiring new colleagues, adjust employee data quickly and avoid unnecessary printing.

Available at all times

Lost, forgotten, out of date? With the digital business card, all current data is available at all times.


A lot of trees are cut down to produce the traditional business card. With the digital version, you are taking a step towards sustainability.

Try it now for free or get a consultation free of charges

Test snapADDY BusinessCards Pro now for 14 days free of charge. Do you have detailed questions about functions, implementation and prices? Then arrange a non-binding consultation with our consultants.


Any questions?

You can find helpful answers here


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The functionalities of snapADDY BusinessCards are free of charge - if you want to roll out digital business cards centrally in your company or export the scanned contact data to your CRM, the monthly fee is EUR 5 per user (enterprise plans available). You can find more information about the prices here.

snapADDY BusinessCards unterstützt mehr als 45 Sprachen aus weit über 100 Ländern.

Our contact and address recognition from business cards, emails, websites, LinkedIn profiles and other data sources delivers the best recognition quality on the market. Various business card scanners have been extensively tested. You can find the results here.

Yes, the digital business card is worth it compared to the paper business card!
We would like to show you this using an example: Let's take a company with 500 employees.

Paper business card:

  • Organization effort for preparing the print data and ordering for 500 employees
  • Adjustment when changing contact details and ordering customized cards for 250 employees
  • Effort per card 10 minutes: 40h with 20 € labor costs: 800 €
  • Printing costs per employee €15: 3750 €
  • = 4.550 €

Digital business card:

  • No organization effort due to automatic updating of the data, meaning 0 €
  • Costs for snapADDY BusinessCards: 0 € or 3,000 € with central employee management and CRM export

If you are interested in a central data management system and direct CRM export, please contact our Support-Team.

It's really easy! In just two minutes, you can easily create your digital business card and start sharing your contact details. Register for free on our website and then create your digital business card in the app or, as here, in the snapADDY dashboard.

  1. Enter contact details, add profile picture
  2. Fill in company details
  3. Upload company logo and background image, select company color
  4. Add individual links such as LinkedIn profile or appointment booking link

You can save your digital business card in Google or Apple Wallet. Now you can share your contact details quickly and easily with your contacts.

Your data is processed in compliance with GDPR. The data storage and business logic of our software solutions are implemented at AWS in Germany. Privacy & Security Hub