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Capture the business cards of your contacts free of charge with snapADDY BusinessCards

Free business card scanner

With the free app, you can digitize your contacts' business cards in seconds and export them to your CRM - without having to type them in manually.

World's best detection rate

Our contact and address recognition delivers the best recognition quality on the market. We support a wide range of languages and international formats.

Maximum protection for your data

Don't worry about your data, it is processed in compliance with the GDPR and hosted in Germany.

Business Card Scanner

Digitize contact data in seconds

With snapADDY BusinessCards, you no longer have to laboriously type out business cards manually - the smart application captures the contact data in seconds and exports it directly to your CRM system.



From contact initiation to sales opportunity

snapADDY BusinessCards sends contact data directly to these CRM systems.

Why you should capture business cards with snapADDY BusinessCards

Capture contact data digitally

Capture your contacts' paper business cards in seconds with the app. Contact data can be stored directly on the smartphone and exported to your CRM system. This eliminates typing errors and saves valuable time.

Contact directly from the app

Once the contact details is scanned, you can call or email your contact directly from the app. There's no need to copy and paste a phone number or email address or switch between applications.

Automatic CRM duplicate check

Once the app is connected to your CRM system, a duplicate check is automatically performed before each export. This ensures that your CRM system is always up to date.

Just give it a try

Try the world's best business card scanner with the highest recognition rate for free and revolutionize the way you connect.


  • Over 99% recognition rate
  • Export to Outlook and most CRM systems
  • Includes a digital business card for quickly sharing your own contact details


The functionalities of snapADDY BusinessCards are free of charge - if you want to roll out digital business cards centrally in your company or export the scanned contact data to your CRM, the monthly fee is 5 EUR per user. You can find more information on prices here.

snapADDY BusinessCards supports more than 45 languages from well over 100 countries.

Our contact and address recognition from business cards, emails, websites, LinkedIn profiles and other data sources delivers the best recognition quality on the market. Various business card scanners have been extensively tested. You can find the results here.

Your data is processed in compliance with GDPR. The data storage and business logic of our software solutions are implemented at AWS in Germany. Privacy & Security Hub