Our mission

We want to simplify working with lead and customer contact information. Our mission is to create the best tools for sales and marketing staff so your sales force can focus on sales. We want to inspire customers with our products and make their daily work more enjoyable.

snapADDY GmbH is a SaaS startup that was founded in 2015. The young Würzburg-based company has set itself the goal of developing software that greatly simplifies and improves working with Leads. Therefore, various features are developed that assist in collecting leads and prospects.

Sebastian Metzger, CTO

Sebastian Metzger


Jochen Seelig, CEO

Jochen Seelig


Roland Hötzl, CFO

Roland Hötzl


Dr. Benedikt Budig, Head of Data Science

Dr. Benedikt Budig

Head of Data Science

Anna Schmidt, Management Assistant

Anna Schmidt

Management Assistant

Carina Knorz, Management Assistant

Carina Knorz

Management Assistant

Johannes Lorenz, Marketing Manager

Johannes Lorenz

Marketing Manager

Moritz Linnig, Marketing Manager

Moritz Linnig

Marketing Manager

Tanita Glavan, Marketing Assistant

Tanita Glavan

Marketing Assistant

Hristina Bebic, Marketing Assistant

Hristina Bebic

Marketing Assistant

Esra Özdemir, Marketing Assistant

Esra Özdemir

Marketing Assistant

Mathias Ott, Customer Success Manager

Mathias Ott

Customer Success Manager

Sebastian Albert, Customer Success Manager

Sebastian Albert

Customer Success Manager

Michael Rachel, Sales Manager

Michael Rachel

Sales Manager

Eva Keller, Sales Manager

Eva Keller

Sales Manager

Mathias Dosch, Sales Manager

Mathias Dosch

Sales Manager

Pia Pfeiffer, Sales Assistant

Pia Pfeiffer

Sales Assistant

Florian Lewanskowski, Sales Assistant

Florian Lewanskowski

Sales Assistant

Miriam Göbel, Sales Assistant

Miriam Göbel

Sales Assistant

Markus Seiffert, Developer

Markus Seiffert


Sebastian Grzesny, Developer

Sebastian Grzesny


Marian Friedmann, Front-End Developer & Designer

Marian Friedmann

Front-End Developer & Designer

Oleksandr Sherekin, Developer

Oleksandr Sherekin


Leonardo Shinagawa, Developer

Leonardo Shinagawa


Philip Dürholt, Developer

Philip Dürholt


Rico Hahn, Developer

Rico Hahn


Maximilian Stock, Developer

Maximilian Stock


Alessandro Wollek, Developer

Alessandro Wollek


Severin Simmler, Developer

Severin Simmler


Simon Berz, Developer

Simon Berz


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