Release Notes

Lesen Sie in unseren ausführlichen Release Notes mehr über die regelmäßigen Updates unserer Produkte. Wir arbeiten ständig daran, unsere Software zu verbessern um Ihre Prozesse zu verbessern und störungsfrei zu gestalten!


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Release 5.1.3


  • Invalidation not triggering correctly

Release 5.1.2


  • Zip-code fields are now string fields to support zip-codes that include letters and prevent all-number zip-codes from being rendered as floating-point values.
  • When editing the note on a card, switching to the "details" or "attachments" tabs will now no longer discard the note.
  • An issue was fixed that would redner the export-view empty.
  • An issue was fixed that would make the values "created", "createdTimestamp", "createdBy" and "createdByName" not be avaliable during the mapping-phase of the export, thus possibly breaking custom-mapping functionality.

Release 5.0.2


  • Add a nice loading indicator in export view for slow CRMs (SAP)
  • Selfie mode for avatar images
  • Microsoft SSO: Once logged in, you can not login with another account
  • Google SSO: Once logged in, you can not login with another account
  • Add support for relevant field typed (esp. Boolean+Date)


  • Scanner | screen orientation change replace ugly fix
  • Business card entry is shown double, after you edit the scan entry
  • Contacts added while being offline are not processed

Release 4.10.6


  • Fixed an issue when the app crashes when you want to establish a connection to SAP or Sugar CRM on Android v. 10
  • Fixed an issue where the field definitions from the Dynamics CRM could not be read